Thursday 29 January 2015

Windows 10 on Your Phone: What We Know So Far

Recently, saw the unwrapping of many ambitious features and products centering around windows 10 operating system by Microsoft. The company also presented and exhibited demonstrations of new apps, hardware and web services that will all be tying and be part of so called Microsoft’s huge ecosystem, having the aim of touching the lives of people in their homes, office and while on move. The company has assured that the operating system on the phone will not be treated differently but it will have the same essence with the assurance of touch-based input being prioritized for the small screen. The company is hoping that the operating system will be able to make every platform treat this just as another web service along with frequent updated. So of the important facts to know about the OS on smartphones:

1. Free for Windows 8.1 users with free updates- The Company is hoping to encourage the Window 7 users on desktop to move to this operating system by offering free Windows 10 upgrades after a year or so after the launch. They will be including 8 and 8.1 OS as they are planning to eventually fade away. Regardless of device type, it is important for the company to get everyone of the same platform. Only drawback being that early adopter of Windows 7 will be left out.

2. PC and mobile experience is expected to be the same. Action center of all the devices will operate in a similar manner and will be releasing notifications at the same time. The desktop of the new OS will be inheriting the quick settings to keep things familiar for the users.

3. Lots of new apps- Office apps will be installed on phones and other smaller devices. Common windows foundation across different device types making it a universal app. One-Drive will be used for synchronizing document between different platforms.

4. UI Tweaks- Users will be able to set any image as their wallpaper. Even though 8.1’s wallpapers gained lot of popularity but still lots of people were comfortable with the traditional wallpapers. The top drawer will give more importance to the recently launched apps.

5. New Hardware- A the windows 10 launch, at least one new flagship-level smartphone is expected to be released. A new phablet can be expected to be released by the company.

6. Skype and One-Drive- A lot of windows 10 ecosystem will be powered by the company’s in-house Skype and One-Drive properties. Messaging system is expected to be tied to Skype on desktop and mobile and in Windows 10 operating system, these SMS will be automatically routed through their network. File storage and synchronizing will be powered by One-Drive. Still users might need more than one location for storing the files.

7. New powers of Cortana- According to the demonstration given by the company, Cortana will have an advanced sense of personality and humor. What is more interesting is the fact that Cortana will now be able to learn more about the personal schedules and preferences of the users.

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