Sunday 11 January 2015

Microsoft Released Its Diversity Numbers, So How Does It Compare?

In the past few years a host of tech companies had their diversity numbers in their work force. But most of the big names of the Silicon Valley had just kept it themselves which includes Amazon, IBM and Orcale. Though there is no obligation on the companies under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 wherein every company is required to file an EEO-1 form and listing all the employment data by race/ethnicity, gender and job category. The government is prohibited from making this data public but companies reveal it in order to boost its reputation and gain favour from the masses. Microsoft has just released its federally mandated diversity data in the public forum.

How Does Microsoft Fares Compared To Other Tech Companies? 

Microsoft has distinct diversity present right at the top order with an African-American board chairman, a female CFO and an Indian CEO. The overall statistics shows the same trend as of any other tech company with 60.6% white employed and 71% of workforce is composed of men.

Male Dominated WorkForce

Microsoft is ahead of Google, Twitter and Apple in terms of having higher number of male workers at a whopping 71%. However Intel is the most male-dominated tech firm in U.S with around 77% male domination and just 23% of females. Microsoft stats clearly state that the female staffs are quite marginalized in on the world’s biggest tech firm at just 29%. However Microsoft has a considerably small workforce at just 128,000 employees worldwide.

Fewer Women Finds Themselves Handling Tough Jobs

The tech companies have shown a trend that even having too many women in the workforce doesn’t guarantee an uplift advance to the higher positions of managers. These are namely a few women in leadership roles in companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft. Microsoft has created various initiatives and programs to hire more women.

Microsoft diversity stats also show a pronounced gender imbalance in its technical ranks. There are surprisingly only 17% women in the role of programmers, coders and other engineering type roles. Microsoft female tech headcount is better than the Twitter’s which just have 10% female in tech jobs.

A Huge Racial And Diversity Gap 

Microsoft has 61% white, 29% Asian, 5% Hispanic/Latino and just 3% black in its vast workforce. Comparatively Yahoo shows a 50% white headcount and Apple has a greater percentage of minority workers with Hispanic at 11% and black at 7%. Diversity stats has shown that 72.2% of all leadership positions are held by whites in Microsoft while Yahoo has 78% whereas Facebook just has 74%.

Steps and Programs Are Undertaken to Improve the Diversity

Comparing the Microsoft’s diversity stats from last the new report has shown that Microsoft is actively working towards closing the diversity gaps. Though it is been at a snail’s paper as it registered 1% percent fewer white employees from last year. Hispanics saw an increase of 0.5% while blacks and Asian rose by 0.3 % and 0.2 % respectively.

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