Tuesday 6 January 2015

Ford Auctions First 2015 Shelby GT350 Mustang, Proceeds Will Go to JDRF

1st model of Shelby GT 350 of Ford Mustang to be auctioned for charity 

The year 2014 has been an extraordinary year for the Ford, which is one of the most popular car manufacturing companies. The year has been accompanied by magnanimous car sales followed by accolades of glories for producing several prestigious premium class cars. The ultimate milestone of success has been laid by the company at the moment of 2014’s conclusion by stating to the media that the 1st model of Ford GT 350 Mustang of 2015 would be raised for an auction and the finances that will be collected in this process would be provided to a charity for their welfare.

Reason for selection of this particular model and the start of auction

Out of many prestigious models that have rolled out of the company so far, Ford Mustang has been chosen as a hot performance car by popular vote of the owner populace. However, a slight modification has been introduced in the previous model, and the new model is predicted to be a complete enthralling one. With an improved performance, Ford GT 350 Mustang has been anticipated to take over the market like wildfire. The car has been improvised with the latest suspension technology, and new engine has been introduced with improved brakes performance. Crafted with the skills of finest technicians, this model will raise the pride and prestige of the company to a complete new echelon of glory and innovation.

Unveiling of the model at the Los Angeles Auto Show have also revealed about the car’s special features. It has been incorporated with a 5.2 liter V8 tank that produces 500HP. The availability of such a high muscled car at an optimum price would ensure its domination over the automobile market in the recent future.

The first model would roll out from lot 3008 and would be raised for an auction on January 17th 2015 at Barrett Jackson Scottsdale Auction, and the money which would be raised in this process would be going for the welfare of Juvenile diabetes research.

Proceedings of the auction and the future collaboration

Over the few decades there exists mutual collaboration between Ford and Barrett Jackson Auction, which has significantly progressed over the time, owing to the huge profit both of these billionaire firms achieved from raising several priceless cars for auction.

There has been some expectancy that the bond will further strengthen with the rolling of the 1st model of Ford Mustang GT 350 for auction. The CEO of Barrett Jackson Auction, Craig Jackson has decided not to fix any initial price for the car, since it’s expected to raise an enviable sum of money owing to Ford’s stature. Ford has provided the flexibility of allowing their winner to choose color and package of GT 350 according to their free will.

Ford has been one promising company that has delivered excellent service for over decades, and it will continue to provide so. The first model of GT 350 rolled out of the company was in 1960, which made a significant milestone in steps of success of Ford. The latest model, all equipped with powerful brakes and suspension will surely make an impressive strike in the forthcoming automobile market.

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