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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Ford's Autonomous Fusion can see in the Dark Without Headlights


Ford Fusion Hybrid Autonomous Research Vehicle – No Headlight On

There are a lot of talks going on regarding the present status of self-driving cars. Ford is aware that its systems are not perfect yet; however its self-driving Fusion research vehicle seems to be getting better and is capable of navigating in the dark. Ford Fusion Hybrid autonomous research vehicle with no headlights on, had recently navigated along lonely desert roads to perform task which would be dangerous for a human driver. Driving in pitch black at Ford Arizona Proving Grounds symbolises the next step on the journey of the company in delivering fully autonomous vehicles to consumers all over the world.

Its car have the potential of tackling the dark of night owing to two technologies namely 3D mapping and LiDar which tends to stand for Light Detection And Ranging, uses lasers for measuring the distance to objects. The 3D maps tend to provide extra information regarding the road, comprising of markings as well as the geography. The LiDar also helps the car to recognize where on the map it is at that point of time. Utilising infrared improving goggles, the engineers of Ford were able to observe the car work its magic as it casts infrared laser beams around the vehicle.

Adequately Strong to Steer Impeccably

Presently, the night-time, lights-off testing has been limited to its Arizona proving grounds, since it is quite illegal in operating vehicle on public roads at night minus the traditional illumination. Though autonomous night vision could be helpful for vehicles to continue to move towards a destination if infrastructure or the own lighting of the vehicle tends to goes dark, dashing forward in pitch black could be a bit scary to an average driver or passenger.

Moreover, it would also put a dent in the light pollution which covers most of the sky in areas with great population density.It is an important progress which shows that even without cameras that depends on light; Ford LiDar tends to work with the virtual driver software of the car and is adequately strong to steer impeccably around winding roads. Though it is idyllic to have all the three modes of sensors namely radar, cameras and LiDar, the last can operate independently on roads without stoplights.

No Driver to Intervene/Control Vehicle

Jim McBride, technical leader for autonomous cars says that due to LiDar, the test cars are not dependent on the sun shining, or cameras detecting painted white lines on the tarmac. In fact LiDar enables autonomous cars to drive well in the dark as they do in the light of day’. After over a decade of Ford autonomous vehicle research, the company has been dedicated to achieving fully autonomous driving possibility that as defined by SAE International Level 4 does not need the driver to intervene and control the vehicle.

Ford, this year will be increasing its autonomous vehicle test fleet bringing the number to around 30 self-driving Fusion Hybrid sedans for the purpose of testing on roads in California, Arizona and Michigan. These elements seems to be the main elements of Fort Smart Mobility, the plan in taking Ford to the next level with regards to connectivity, mobility, customer experience, autonomous vehicles, together with data and analytics.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Ford in Talks with Google to Build Self Driving Cars

Google and Ford
Google is going all guns blazing to get its self-driving cars a better car manufacturer. It should be noted that last year Apple had talk with BMW to assess the manufacturing capabilities of self-driving cars. Apple wanted to get manufacturing support and assistance from the automotive major rather setting up whole manufacturing line but the talks went sour and some elite BMW officials lost their jobs.

Google is now initiating talks with the automaker Ford Motor Co. in order to secure help in building autonomous cars. As per the source, if the deal gets finalized then it might be revealed in the upcoming International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.

Google keeps mum on its talks with Ford

Google spokesperson has kept mum and declined to give any comment on this initiation of talks with Ford. But it should be noted that Google has increased its efforts in roping in new partners for the automobile world to give proper shape to its aims of bringing self-driving cars to the market by 2020.

Ford is an ideal partner for Google

It is quite logical for the Google to partner with an established automaker as it offers a remarkable way of building cars. It wouldn’t be feasible for the Google to ensure that tens of thousands of parts to be used in the cars could abide by the strict federal guidelines. Google will have to spend huge amount on developing plants and competencies, which are involved in building cars. But having Ford as the partner will help Google in leaving the manufacturing related decisions in the hands of seasoned car maker and it can lend its time towards improving the various aspects of the automation technology.

Ford looking for partners for its autonomous driving research

In the past year, Ford has been vocal about its autonomous driving research and it was actively looking for new partners. Ford was hoping to get some new startup and bigger companies to work together in order to improvise and revolutionalize the automotive industry on a bigger scale. The coming together of Ford and Google is a right as most of the automakers are planning the self-driving gradually by adding one feature at a time. But Google has aimed of bringing the first self driving car with complete automotive controls and devoid of any steering wheels or pedals.

Ford will benefit from partnering with Google

It is worth noting that Ford has been lagging behind most of its competitor and it has revamped its pace for developing the self-driving cars last year in order to get better of them. Ford has expanded its advanced safety technology, which includes a number of features from the automatic braking, hands free operation of cars and much more. Ford will be implementing most of its automotive functionalities and features in its global line over the next five years. Partnering with Google will benefit both the companies on a whole new level.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Ford Auctions First 2015 Shelby GT350 Mustang, Proceeds Will Go to JDRF

1st model of Shelby GT 350 of Ford Mustang to be auctioned for charity 

The year 2014 has been an extraordinary year for the Ford, which is one of the most popular car manufacturing companies. The year has been accompanied by magnanimous car sales followed by accolades of glories for producing several prestigious premium class cars. The ultimate milestone of success has been laid by the company at the moment of 2014’s conclusion by stating to the media that the 1st model of Ford GT 350 Mustang of 2015 would be raised for an auction and the finances that will be collected in this process would be provided to a charity for their welfare.

Reason for selection of this particular model and the start of auction

Out of many prestigious models that have rolled out of the company so far, Ford Mustang has been chosen as a hot performance car by popular vote of the owner populace. However, a slight modification has been introduced in the previous model, and the new model is predicted to be a complete enthralling one. With an improved performance, Ford GT 350 Mustang has been anticipated to take over the market like wildfire. The car has been improvised with the latest suspension technology, and new engine has been introduced with improved brakes performance. Crafted with the skills of finest technicians, this model will raise the pride and prestige of the company to a complete new echelon of glory and innovation.

Unveiling of the model at the Los Angeles Auto Show have also revealed about the car’s special features. It has been incorporated with a 5.2 liter V8 tank that produces 500HP. The availability of such a high muscled car at an optimum price would ensure its domination over the automobile market in the recent future.

The first model would roll out from lot 3008 and would be raised for an auction on January 17th 2015 at Barrett Jackson Scottsdale Auction, and the money which would be raised in this process would be going for the welfare of Juvenile diabetes research.

Proceedings of the auction and the future collaboration

Over the few decades there exists mutual collaboration between Ford and Barrett Jackson Auction, which has significantly progressed over the time, owing to the huge profit both of these billionaire firms achieved from raising several priceless cars for auction.

There has been some expectancy that the bond will further strengthen with the rolling of the 1st model of Ford Mustang GT 350 for auction. The CEO of Barrett Jackson Auction, Craig Jackson has decided not to fix any initial price for the car, since it’s expected to raise an enviable sum of money owing to Ford’s stature. Ford has provided the flexibility of allowing their winner to choose color and package of GT 350 according to their free will.

Ford has been one promising company that has delivered excellent service for over decades, and it will continue to provide so. The first model of GT 350 rolled out of the company was in 1960, which made a significant milestone in steps of success of Ford. The latest model, all equipped with powerful brakes and suspension will surely make an impressive strike in the forthcoming automobile market.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Ford Fiesta eWheelDrive- Car Engine on Wheels!

An avid technology of all kinds, auto maker Ford has invited technological reviewers to discover its latest prototype of its circuit testing in Belgium with the specialty of a care whose engine is located in the rear wheels. Ford invited to attend the session of tests of the prototype of a new innovative concept super car Ford Fiesta eWheelDrive, even if others have tried it without success so far. In this enigmatic name itself lies in fact a whole new way of thinking about the car engine. The main novelty of this car is that the engine is not in the front bonnet but in the two rear wheels, for a car fully powered by electricity. Technology in partnership with Schaeffler, a German company specialized in engineering precisely mechanical bearings used in automotive and aerospace environments.

This is a modified Ford Fiesta equipped eWheelDrive system. Viewed from the outside, it is a car like the others, although we note that the frame of the rear wheels seems "full" with respect to front wheels. Under the hood, the battery powers the two motors on each of the rear wheels (and each weighing about 44 kg). Once inside, everything seems to be similar to a car whose engine is under the hood, with some minor differences. The Fiesta cannot exceed 130 km / h maximum speed possible with both engines. Is still a prototype, there are still many challenges and corrections to the operation of the Fiesta eWheelDrive, as explained by one of the technicians.

So the main issues are in the reduction of noise and vibration and especially to optimize the wheel suspension to better withstand the heavy weight of the engine and improve the ride comfort and handling. But with this new, Ford teams in Europe, led by Pim van der Jagt, consider holding a "revolution" car and have a way to totally reinvent the concept of the car. One of their initial ideas was "What can be our role to decongest the traffic in cities?” For Peter Gutzmer, technical director at Schaeffler, "this technology could give birth to the future concepts and revolutionary platform." And indeed, if the cover is stripped of engine, designers can design and all new models of cars and even completely reinvent the city driving.

One of the most useful functions of motors in the wheels will just be able to park easily by "dragging" the car on the parking place, without having to make a dozen maneuvers to pass to park properly as it happens to many people. For now Ford does not expect mass production for marketing and is in the testing phase and improve this promising prototype! The Ford Fiesta eWheelDrive is a really interesting concept that allows you to make a fresh look at the cars and design. Completely redesign the layout of the instrument panel, trunk, seats, etc. We already see in ten years ride in cars and almost square where the windshield would be the same as the nose of the car ... It makes us dream! How would you imagine the car of tomorrow?

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Seat that monitor heart rate

The manufacturer Ford currently manufacturing car seats that can continuously monitor the cardiac activity of the driver. The seats are equipped with six sensors placed at the file level. Usually, we use ECG devices attached to the skin to diagnose a person. ECG sensors of Ford are sensitive enough to detect the electrical impulses to the heart through clothing.