Wednesday 1 May 2013

Ford Fiesta eWheelDrive- Car Engine on Wheels!

An avid technology of all kinds, auto maker Ford has invited technological reviewers to discover its latest prototype of its circuit testing in Belgium with the specialty of a care whose engine is located in the rear wheels. Ford invited to attend the session of tests of the prototype of a new innovative concept super car Ford Fiesta eWheelDrive, even if others have tried it without success so far. In this enigmatic name itself lies in fact a whole new way of thinking about the car engine. The main novelty of this car is that the engine is not in the front bonnet but in the two rear wheels, for a car fully powered by electricity. Technology in partnership with Schaeffler, a German company specialized in engineering precisely mechanical bearings used in automotive and aerospace environments.

This is a modified Ford Fiesta equipped eWheelDrive system. Viewed from the outside, it is a car like the others, although we note that the frame of the rear wheels seems "full" with respect to front wheels. Under the hood, the battery powers the two motors on each of the rear wheels (and each weighing about 44 kg). Once inside, everything seems to be similar to a car whose engine is under the hood, with some minor differences. The Fiesta cannot exceed 130 km / h maximum speed possible with both engines. Is still a prototype, there are still many challenges and corrections to the operation of the Fiesta eWheelDrive, as explained by one of the technicians.

So the main issues are in the reduction of noise and vibration and especially to optimize the wheel suspension to better withstand the heavy weight of the engine and improve the ride comfort and handling. But with this new, Ford teams in Europe, led by Pim van der Jagt, consider holding a "revolution" car and have a way to totally reinvent the concept of the car. One of their initial ideas was "What can be our role to decongest the traffic in cities?” For Peter Gutzmer, technical director at Schaeffler, "this technology could give birth to the future concepts and revolutionary platform." And indeed, if the cover is stripped of engine, designers can design and all new models of cars and even completely reinvent the city driving.

One of the most useful functions of motors in the wheels will just be able to park easily by "dragging" the car on the parking place, without having to make a dozen maneuvers to pass to park properly as it happens to many people. For now Ford does not expect mass production for marketing and is in the testing phase and improve this promising prototype! The Ford Fiesta eWheelDrive is a really interesting concept that allows you to make a fresh look at the cars and design. Completely redesign the layout of the instrument panel, trunk, seats, etc. We already see in ten years ride in cars and almost square where the windshield would be the same as the nose of the car ... It makes us dream! How would you imagine the car of tomorrow?

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