Wednesday 29 May 2013

Gigabyte Unveiled Motherboards Z87X-UD3H and Z87X-UD4H

Gigabyte has unveiled two motherboards in ATX that are equipped with a socket LGA 1150: the Z87X-UD3H and Z87X-UD4H. They are designed to accommodate future processors of Intel more particularly Haswell, which is going to officially release on June 4. Already Intel has divulged many details of its next generation Haswell CPU and recently gave some more information on the different models with integrated graphics. Since the launch date is fast approaching, the brand partners are increasingly pressing for the image of that Gigabyte, hence it has unveiled the details with two of its motherboards photos. The Z87X-UD3H and Z87X UD4H are very close to one another even sinks except the color and the heat pipe of the second. The external connector is the same among them and includes six USB 3.0 ports, two eSATA, Gigabit LAN port, six 3.5mm jacks and a quartet of video outputs: DVI, VGA, HDMI and Display Port. However there are three digital outputs we should appreciate for the same. The rear connection of the two cards is the same. On both cards, so we find a LGA 1150, four slots for DDR3, a PCI slot, three x1 and three PCIe x16 PCIe. A logo on the PCB announces support for NVIDIA SLI in both cases remains to be seen whether this is also the case of the "3-Way SLI." Obviously, a shovelful of S-ATA ports of the game, but some may regret the absence of an mSATA connector. On the PCB we can notice the presence of a digital display to just know the type of fault in the event of a problem, and buttons to start the machine or perform a "Reset" and a "Clear CMOS". In addition, two small switches are part and are expected to move from one to another. No details have been revealed regarding the availability and their prices. However, things should quickly change the since the date is fast approaching and the NDA on the Haswell processors will end on June 4.

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