Friday 3 May 2013

Google now focus on the game for Android?

Two few weeks ago, Google recruited Noah Falstein as Head of Designer of the Games. According to our sources he is the Chief Game Designer at Android Play Studio. This implies Google will launch its own developed video games via Android with its own name. Noah Falstein is one of the senior experts in the world of video games since he started his career in the 80s and has participated in numerous titles, including LucasArts or Dreamworks. The choice of Google to recruit such a senior indicates that the Web giant certainly has ambitions in the field. But behind this recruitment, we can also think that Google will launch the video game under his own brand of games that we find in the Google Play Store. This is not new with Google, since Google has already made a prank in the field with Ingress example.

 As a reminder, this title allows you to take full advantage of augmented reality. Only with the arrival of Glass, this application may also be important, and it is not excluded that other players can quickly take advantage of the technology, since Google has already released the necessary API to take advantage. Have its own development studio could also show the way to its planning and be an example or know-how. But it is also possible that Google may modify the Play Store as we know it to allow more interaction between players. It might as well set up a system of rewards and trophy, as Amazon does through its GameCircle for its Kindle Fire and Microsoft with the Xbox to name but two examples there. We can now follow the progress of other players on many titles. But Google could turn to do any big thing else. So far we have the right to tablets or Smart phones with Google's mobile operating system, it could also be a question of portable game console, based obviously on the Play Store. Indeed, various manufacturers have already shown some signs of interest like Archos with its GamePad or NVIDIA and Shield project. Google may have to develop its own solution. This would do this again in part for Android support for external controllers to simplify the work of new third-party developers.

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