Wednesday 15 May 2013

SimCity Updated!

Maxis and Electronic Arts announced recently that the next update of SimCity will be deployed soon. 3.0 stamped this new version bring once again focus on traffic problems, the players complain since the launch of the title. The updates of SimCity are very similar to that of the previous version. After version 2.0 deployed in late April, with a lot of bugs, it has taken a few extra days to see the land version 3.0. At this rate, SimCity will soon catch up with Chrome on the numbering of its updates. The program for this new version has many features many bug fixes, including addressing trafficking, and management indicators RCI. On the first point, the main addition is from a modification of the routing system. U-turns and the attitude of the vehicles have been reviewed and are expected to improve traffic flow. Similarly, the working hours of different businesses and industries of the cities will be slightly offset to avoid peak traffic. Finally, the vehicles will turn right when the traffic lights are red, again to facilitate traffic. About RCI indicator changes are minor but annoying bugs fix. For example, some abandoned buildings could not be reoccupied ... because moving trucks do not have access. Finally, some more surprising bugs are also deleted. For example, the university will now be able to cross the road when walking, which was clearly not the case so far, and the buildings will no longer overlap. The rating upgrade is available here in English. Still expect the deployment of this update before declaring victory, the latest of which brought its share of surprises.

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