Sunday 19 May 2013

You can chat with your Google Chrome soon!!!

We cannot say that Google relies on its laurels for Google Chrome. While the Internet giant has recently taken the decision to separate heavy WebKit last month by announcing the launch of its own rendering engine, he unveiled a new how to use the browser on Mac and PC. Like the mobile versions, it will be possible to search by voice from his computer. Google wants to provide a non-interface approach. Suffice it to say "Ok Google" then the question and Chrome by exploiting the different services Google will try to answer your question. Just like Siri, the user can ask a question without having to adapt their language to the machine. We will instruct Chrome as "send an email to Florist" or "Show me my photos of Elixir of Knowledge taken last year." This system can help you of course for your local search (finding a restaurant, how to go to a certain place etc. On its system, Google makes no mystery. The more you give them any information about yourself and you can utilize more of their services, the more Google will be able to give you relevant results. Voice Search will be available in Google Chrome. This feature should allow Google to clearly differentiate its browser competition. The least we can say is that Chrome has the wind in its sails. In Europe and in France, he now closely heels Internet Explorer. Google Chrome now has over 750 million active users. Just last month, the web browser Internet giant has attracted more than 300 million new users. The head of Google, Sundar Pichai, did not give the distribution between users of the desktop version and that of the mobile version. However, he indicated that this segment was surging. Just like its big brother, Chrome Mobile for Android is constantly improving. The new version presented is 50% faster. On this occasion finally, Google has demonstrated Racer, a fairly simple game that has been played for Chrome Mobile (it works with the iOS version), but has the distinction of being multiplayer up to five users.

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