Friday 24 May 2013

The new Kinect will be available for Windows PC!

During the presentation of the Xbox One few days back, Microsoft has detailed the operation of its new generation of its Kinect. Much more precise, the accessory will however not limited to the console alone. The company has indeed confirmed that it would be available for Windows PCs, like the current Kinect. Microsoft has kept no secret with its new Xbox One, which will be available before the end of the year to an unknown price, would necessarily need the Kinect. The new version of the standard accessory with future console will also be much more precise: 30 fps at 1080p, better recognition of the user's movements, recognition of six people in the same room, better voice recognition etc. We remember the story of the first Kinect was glazed by a contest launched by hackers who wanted to use the attachment of conventional computers. The USB drivers have been changed and the operation was successful. Microsoft was not slow to grasp the potential of the situation and to announce that Kinect is finally available for Windows, with a specific SDK to accompany it. Just announced, the "Kinect 2" will be a very special variant for Windows. The news was confirmed to the site Shacknews by Scott Evans, head of the Kinect program. However, no date has been announced and Microsoft will return later on this point. Note that the price of the accessory could be higher than the console version, "When? And what price? “Questions remain unanswered.

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