Wednesday 15 May 2013

Firefox 21 available now!

The new version of the Firefox browser which is more social on the workstation, and improves compatibility with HTML5 on Android is available now. Up-to-date for your Firefox on PC (GNU / Linux, Mac OS and Windows) and Android is available right now. The news was announced yesterday by Johnathan Nightingale, vice president of software engineering on Firefox. The feature most highlighted is a system called "Firefox Health Report". It must "save the basic information about the health of your browser (launch time, total operating time, the number of crashes, etc.), and give you the tools to understand this information and repair any problem." In a blog post by Mitchell Baker, head of the Mozilla Foundation, we learn what measures have been put in place to enable these new features while maintaining the confidentiality of personal data of users, the traditional point of work and communication Mozilla. The 21.0 version of Firefox, however, may provide anonymous data on Mozilla browser usage information regularly.

The feature can be easily disabled, but Mitchell Baker hopes it will remain enabled by default on most workstations. No personal information is collected, she assured. The Social API, appeared with Firefox 17.0, is enriched by several connectors. While Facebook was launched as the most significant "use case", the Social API is now compatible with Cliqz (recommended reading), Mixi (Japanese social network) and msnNOW, according to a blog dedicated separate the social use of the browser. And for Android special new fonts and HTML5 is available. For Firefox users on the workstation, the up-to-date is automatic or can be done manually via the Help menu (Help> About Firefox) if necessary. Depending on the preferences of each user, it will automatically or manually on Android, or can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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