Saturday 4 May 2013

Epic Citadel in Firefox now!

HTML5 demo of Unreal Engine 3 graphics engine for web browsers is now available online. Firefox is the one who benefits first. Mozilla had shown at the end of March, with the desire to demonstrate that sophisticated games in their report had now a highway in front of them on the web. To operate in the best conditions, it is advisable to download Firefox Nightly (the future version 23). From there, no need to install any plug-in, simply go to this address to start demo Epic Citadel. Once a 50MB file recovered in the background, the demo is functional and the image can go full screen. This should also work with Firefox 20, but more slowly. We find the same medieval world in which you can walk, used in October 2010. Epic Games had caused a sensation by showing the Unreal Engine 3 running on a small iPhone. This same engine used later for Infinity Blade. Epic Games has over time focused on Android and Flash. This optimized for the web demo Epic Citadel is the result of a recompilation of C / C + + code in JavaScript. It uses WebGL for 3D part and web technologies in general. This means that potentially any modern browser can run such games. For the moment it is mainly the current beta of Firefox and who can benefit, with the exception of Firefox on Android where things still progressing versions. Chrome should follow, Internet Explorer does not yet support WebGL in version 10 so far, but it seems that Microsoft prepares for 11 and compatibility with Safari is also planned.

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