Saturday 25 May 2013

Microsoft unveiled two of its new mouse

Microsoft has unveiled two new mice. They are the Sculpt Mobile Mouse and Comfort Mouse. The first has the advantage of being ambidextrous and they both have the distinction of having a button to return to the "Start Screen" of Windows 8. They will be available soon in the market. Sculpt Comfort Keyboard launched nearly eight months ago, Microsoft is expanding its range of accessories designed for Windows 8 with the addition of these two mice, namely the Sculpt Mobile Mouse and Comfort Mouse. Both have a "Windows" button to return to the "Start Screen" of Windows 8, or run the "Start" menu of its predecessor.The first is a compact model that will adapt perfectly with a tablet or Ultrabook. It is very light and it weighs only 65 grams for a size of 95.3 x 56.9 x 40.5 mm. It is therefore appropriate for small hands, and to either hand thanks to its ambidextrous design.

It operates with a "Blue Track" Microsoft sensor, and four-wheel axes allows you to navigate horizontally and vertically, which may be particularly useful for users of Windows 8 and "Modern UI" applications that support it. Three buttons are available, one of which lies on the dial. It is wireless and, according to the manufacturer; it can be used up to 5 meters from the sensor via a protocol radio frequency to 2.4 GHz. This mouse requires one "AA" battery to operate and Microsoft indicates a range of up to 11 months life. It is worth mention that it has not have included a rechargeable battery instead.

 The side of the Sculpt Comfort Mouse, the design is a little more elegant, and it is best suited for the right hander only because of its shape. The first thing that jumps out on this black field mouse is the blue button on the left side. It can again call quickly "StartScreen" Windows 8 or the "Start" menu in Windows 7. Six buttons are available here.

Side of its size, it is larger than its little sister: 111 x 68.5 x 36.5 mm and weighs 136 grams, which is all very well accurate. It is also wireless model, but here it is against the Bluetooth 3.0 which was chosen by Microsoft to interact with the USB dongle (included in the bundle). This increases the distance between the mouse and the PC, which can range up to 10 meters. Again, the sensor is "Blue Track" which is a little more accurate and faster than its predecessor as well as it can get to 8000 fps, where the other does not go beyond 2400 fps. Sculpt Comfort this time two "AA" batteries for its operation and Microsoft indicates a range of up to 10 months.

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