Sunday 26 May 2013

Twitter offers two-factor authentication!

After several cases of piracy and misappropriation of accounts, social network today introduced a two-factor authentication feature for its users. But some countries seem to have been omitted, especially. As expected, Twitter strengthens its security and that of its users. It must be said that the social network began to be perceived as a colander as business misappropriation of accounts have recently increased. In February, Twitter has also admitted to being a victim of an attack in which 250,000 user accounts were "potentially" compromise. The decision of the site is then evoked micro blogging to opt for a strong two-factor authentication system. A solution is now launched to users. Specifically, when trying to connect to a Twitter account will be from a new location, the service will claim the usual password and a secret code that has been sent to the account holder on mobile by SMS. This kind of solution has already been adopted by Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft recently. With two-factor authentication, Twitter will protect both individual accounts as celebrities, major media companies and who have recently been victims of piracy. To enable two-factor authentication, go to settings, select the command "requires a verification code on connection" and click on "add a phone". Still, this kind of security system is not currently deployed around the world. According to online sources, it is not available in some countries yet. "As soon as the mouse tries to approach the" Ask a verification code when you sign and displays a prohibitory sign. When you want to fill out the form" You need to add a phone to your Twitter account to enable this feature.

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