Saturday 11 May 2013

Share Google Drive files with your websites

Google looks little bit flexible in the case of the Drive service that relatively made few changes since its launch. Thus, the client has recently given a slight update so that developers can now add a button dedicated to service within their sites. Google has recently introduced a Chrome extension allowing everyone to save a file in its storage space Google Drive. It did not seem enough because the company decided to offer a new feature for developers to add a in their websites to access directly to their applications in their Google drive. To do this you have to add a simple Javascript API Google+ and then add the specific item according to the need. Once this is done, the button will even help you to manage your identification pass. Some partner sites already offer, but for those who want to do the same or go further, specific documentation has been put online. You can now have access to the action "Share ... "Which will open a window for managing access to third parameters. Still, we would still like many other improvements that appear as notifications. Expecting more from Google; similar to that proposed by several of their competitors, thereby offering a better experience than them.

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