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Tuesday 19 September 2023

Lock Files More Easily In Google Drive

Lock Files More Easily In Google Drive

Google is going to add an option allowing people to lock their files more easily in Google Drive. In order to lock files, users need to right-click the file and choose "File information." Then, they need to tap on "Lock". When a file is locked, it ensures that reviewers are unable to change a file. Besides, adding comments, edits and suggestions to the locked documents will not be possible. The procedure of restricting files in the drive, which is simplified & streamlined by this update, was earlier available via the Google Drive API or via file approvals.

How Will Lock Files More Easily In Google Drive Help Users?

Users will get benefits from the feature when many documents (that are viewable to the public) are used & shared. As soon as you see a file locked, it will go into read-only mode. Therefore, people with access to the file will be able to view this only. Earlier, users were able to lock a file or document via a Google Drive API call. Now, the locking process is simplified by the new feature.

End Users:

  • If you want to lock your Drive file, you need to have edit-access to the drive file.
  • When you hover over a file in Drive, you need to right-click into the context menu. Then, your task is to select "File information." After that, you should choose the "Lock" option. Now, select "Lock" to ensure that you are willing to lock the document.
  • As soon as a file is locked, no one will be able to make edits to the Doc until it is unlocked. Unlocking a file is possible through the context menu.

Rollout Pace:

  • Rapid Release domains: Gradual rollout for up to fifteen days to view the feature started on September 5, 2023.
  • Scheduled Release domains: In this case, the Gradual rollout starts on September 20, 2023.

Google Drive Lock File Availability:

All Google Workspace customers can get this feature.

Duet AI in Workspace apps:

Recently, Google announced that it is adding some AI-powered enhancements to the Workspace apps. Google Duet AI assists users in generating results based on text prompts in Gmail & Google Docs.

The drag & drop feature was added last month by Google to Google Drive multi-instance support on Android devices that have large screens. These let you share files & folders between two different accounts quickly. Google also added an extra feature that allows the users to empty a shared drive's whole trash folder for making the management of shared drive files easier. Thus, users do not need to remove items in the trash folder manually.

The option to lock files more easily in Google Drive will prevent accidental edits to ensure the authenticity of files. The tweak doesn't have any admin control. This latest upgrade to Google Drive will be useful for its customers all over the world. Moreover, Google has introduced a new 'Spam' folder to the sidebar, working the same as the spam folder.


Now, all Google Workspace users can lock files in their Google Drive. In this way, this new feature prevents company employees from editing as well as making any comments on documents. In addition, they can't add unwanted suggestions to locked documents.


Thursday 9 October 2014

Teachers and Students Will Get Free Unlimited Drive Storage from Google

Goggle drive is one of the best cloud storage platforms, and if you are student or teacher, so it can be much better for you. With the aim to ramp up its commitment towards education, the leading search engine Google is decided to offer unlimited drive storage for students and teacher at no cost. This initiative is similar to Drive for Work and will known as “Drive for Education”.

Features of Google Apps for Education:

Unlimited storage facility will support the files as big as 0.5TB in size. For teachers, Google normally target the classroom with new classroom tool, which will help the teachers to create and organize the assignments of school. To avail the facility of unlimited drive storage, the person should have an active .edu email address and your school will need to be signed up for Education App and these Apps are free for educational institutions. As a incentive for sign-up process Google is offering unlimited storage in free the service is set to roll out in up-coming weeks. Teachers and students will be able to access the data with the help of internet-connected tablets, laptops, smartphones, etc. According to product manager of Google Apps for Education, Ben Schrom “All the files uploaded on Google drive will be encrypted, at all the Google servers. Google Apps for Education will enable the users to organizing all Classroom assignments automatically into Google drive folders.

All non-profit institutions will exempted from ad-related scanning of data, if they will be part of Google Apps for Education initiative. It means Google will not scan the data, which will be uploaded by teachers and students and it will not targeted for advertisements. This Educational App will combine the Google Calendar and Gmail, with other productivity tools such as; Google docs, sheets and slides.

Microsoft's Office Vs Google Apps':

Microsoft's Office is seems to be the biggest competitor for Google Apps', as Microsoft's Office have powerful presence in the education market since 1990s. Google is attracting the peoples to open and edit office- format documents online, with a platform from where they can easily share the same document with other Google doc users. It seems to impossible to compare the Google Apps' success and Microsoft Office because no one has release total revenue or user figures. According to recent reports, Office 365 subscription had more than 5.6 million subscribers in all consumer segments for Q2, which includes PC apps and online versions. And these figures were more than 1 million subscribers from previous quarter. Whereas; Microsoft did not release any figure for business subscriptions or traditional licensed software.

Free unlimited storage for teachers and students is good deal for learning students, as for personal use its annual subscriptions cost $70 for Office 365 and for premium business it cost $180. For Google Apps for Education every user is free to use 30GB of space, but upgrade cost $5 per month per user with the facility of up-gradation of 100GB space.

Saturday 15 March 2014

Google Brings Cloud Prices Down to Earth

Google Drive
Google has announced prices for the use of its cloud storage Google Drive massively reduced and sets Dropbox, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple under strong pressure. Comparing with Google cloud’s present price their prices now seem astronomically high. Google's cloud storage solution is significantly cheaper now after two years.

100 GB of monthly cost is now $ 1.99 compared to $ 4.99 previously. Also 1TB monthly costs only $ 9.99 instead of the previous $ 49.99. For 10 terabytes of disk space on the Google Drive the search engine provider takes 99.99 U.S. dollars a month.

Who uses less memory than 15 GB, still going to pays nothing. Due to the price reduction of Google the competitor’s rates are quite high and more expensive than Google Drive. In Microsoft Onedrive 50 GB cost 4.49 U.S. dollars per month, 7.49 U.S. dollars for 100 GB and 200 GB for 11.49 dollars.

Apple's iCloud is particularly expensive. That is 10 GB cost 1.67 U.S. dollars, 20 GB $ 3.33 and 50 GB 8.33 U.S. dollars. Dropbox charges a fee for 100 GB a month $ 9.99, 200 GB for $ 19.99 and for 500 GB for 49.99 U.S. dollars. Amazon charges a fee for 100 GB of 4.17 U.S. dollars and for 200 GB 8.33 U.S. dollars and for 1 TB of 41.67 U.S. dollars per month.

Who are already a paying customer for Google Drive need not worry about anything, but is automatically switched to the lower prices. Despite security concerns, the majority of users are using cloud offerings. Particularly important to them is the ability to access at any time and from any location on their data. Four out of ten users of internet also store backup copies of important data in the cloud.

Monday 23 December 2013

What is Google Drive? How to get started with Google Drive?

Google Drive
“Google Drive’’ is online cloud storage where you can store a large amount of data in your own website. It not only enables file storage but also allows file synchronization, file sharing and collaborative editing.
It allows 15GB of data for free. It supports important documents, Spreadsheets, presentations and many other audio and video formats.

Many may think online storage can be hazardous and does not provide safety for data. Google has the links to US intelligence agencies. Data are stored in a safe manner by encryption technology, Data isolation, Data segregation techniques are used. By using the Google Drive, you can store your data online from any region of this world. Simply you need to create a Google account only. You might have heard of many online sites such as Dropbox, fileshare and so many cloud services. Likewise, you can create an account in the Google and you can use that account in Google Drive for better use. The storage space offered by the Google Drive is ultimately free of cost. They offer 15 GigaBytes of memory in which you can store anything.

Now Google Drive has been introduced into smartphones. By using Google Drive mobile application, you can easily access various information found in your Google Drive accounts very easily. So now there’s a way to remember the groceries needed.


• A powerful search similar to Google search engine.
• If you mail your documents the next time you need to send it to them you don’t need to upload them from your PC again. Just drive in your drive.
• In a similar manner any document/photo/audio/video that has been mailed to you can be directly stored to your Drive.
• Offline feature allows you to create, edit, comment and view your docs. So these basic features doesn’t need a network connection
• A collaborative approach for creating presentations. You don’t need to stay together for a presentation. You can stay at your homes and can discuss with each other while creating your presentations.
• If your free 15GB is not enough for you, then you can also extend your memory. You can get 100 GB per month only for $5.

How to get started? 

Creating a Google drive is simple as it. It can be created with the help of your mail id.

Download the Google drive to your PC. And create an account in it.

Besides that it also provides Apps for the ease of operating in your Drive. Here’s the link for downloading the Drive

You can create your own document in it.

Google Drive also has many inbuilt tool which can be used for several purposes. Even you can edit your spreadsheet with formula function in the Google Drive itself. Likewise, it offers various tools for viewing the presentations, editing a word document and also lot of features were found in the Google Drive. Hope you find this article useful about the Google Drive.
Now get started and get going.:-)

Monday 18 November 2013

Gmail with better integration of Google Drive

Gmail  with better integration of Google Drive
With Gmail; Now the user will be able to view attachments and can save the files directly to the Google drive hosted by Google. For Gmail, it is already possible to include files stored in your Google Drive when writing an email.

Now Google will provide an update to allow previewing the message attachments stored in Drive (photos, videos, documents, spreadsheets, PDF). It will be possible to send such files without leaving Gmail. With a click on one of the previews, a full screen view of the image or document will be displayed. “you can read, search for a particular phrase or even browse several attachments" always directly from Gmail.

 In addition, Parts of received message can be directly stored in the Drive area and more can be downloaded to the local disk space. These innovations will be deployed next week to Gmail on your computer. Google also reveals that Drive has 120 million active users.

Saturday 11 May 2013

Share Google Drive files with your websites

Google looks little bit flexible in the case of the Drive service that relatively made few changes since its launch. Thus, the client has recently given a slight update so that developers can now add a button dedicated to service within their sites. Google has recently introduced a Chrome extension allowing everyone to save a file in its storage space Google Drive. It did not seem enough because the company decided to offer a new feature for developers to add a in their websites to access directly to their applications in their Google drive. To do this you have to add a simple Javascript API Google+ and then add the specific item according to the need. Once this is done, the button will even help you to manage your identification pass. Some partner sites already offer, but for those who want to do the same or go further, specific documentation has been put online. You can now have access to the action "Share ... "Which will open a window for managing access to third parameters. Still, we would still like many other improvements that appear as notifications. Expecting more from Google; similar to that proposed by several of their competitors, thereby offering a better experience than them.

Sunday 29 April 2012

Google Drive

Google at last make the first move for the gdrive! Do anyone of you are in need to know about the gdrive? Then, log on to This is one of the best online sites where we can able to view the professional reviews regarding the entire online storage backup providers. Very recently, I had seen an excellent review of the google drive. They also ranked them that are based on a scoring method and they afterward permit users to place appraisals hence they require coverage for these people to assess gdrive. After gone through thoroughly the reviews of the gdrive from them, I came to know more about gdrive.