Thursday 9 October 2014

Teachers and Students Will Get Free Unlimited Drive Storage from Google

Goggle drive is one of the best cloud storage platforms, and if you are student or teacher, so it can be much better for you. With the aim to ramp up its commitment towards education, the leading search engine Google is decided to offer unlimited drive storage for students and teacher at no cost. This initiative is similar to Drive for Work and will known as “Drive for Education”.

Features of Google Apps for Education:

Unlimited storage facility will support the files as big as 0.5TB in size. For teachers, Google normally target the classroom with new classroom tool, which will help the teachers to create and organize the assignments of school. To avail the facility of unlimited drive storage, the person should have an active .edu email address and your school will need to be signed up for Education App and these Apps are free for educational institutions. As a incentive for sign-up process Google is offering unlimited storage in free the service is set to roll out in up-coming weeks. Teachers and students will be able to access the data with the help of internet-connected tablets, laptops, smartphones, etc. According to product manager of Google Apps for Education, Ben Schrom “All the files uploaded on Google drive will be encrypted, at all the Google servers. Google Apps for Education will enable the users to organizing all Classroom assignments automatically into Google drive folders.

All non-profit institutions will exempted from ad-related scanning of data, if they will be part of Google Apps for Education initiative. It means Google will not scan the data, which will be uploaded by teachers and students and it will not targeted for advertisements. This Educational App will combine the Google Calendar and Gmail, with other productivity tools such as; Google docs, sheets and slides.

Microsoft's Office Vs Google Apps':

Microsoft's Office is seems to be the biggest competitor for Google Apps', as Microsoft's Office have powerful presence in the education market since 1990s. Google is attracting the peoples to open and edit office- format documents online, with a platform from where they can easily share the same document with other Google doc users. It seems to impossible to compare the Google Apps' success and Microsoft Office because no one has release total revenue or user figures. According to recent reports, Office 365 subscription had more than 5.6 million subscribers in all consumer segments for Q2, which includes PC apps and online versions. And these figures were more than 1 million subscribers from previous quarter. Whereas; Microsoft did not release any figure for business subscriptions or traditional licensed software.

Free unlimited storage for teachers and students is good deal for learning students, as for personal use its annual subscriptions cost $70 for Office 365 and for premium business it cost $180. For Google Apps for Education every user is free to use 30GB of space, but upgrade cost $5 per month per user with the facility of up-gradation of 100GB space.

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