Friday 10 October 2014

Facebook Launches Atlas to Support the Entire Digital-Advertising World

facebook atlas
According to Erik Johnson, the head of the new Facebook service, Atlas platform will deliver people base marketing and also help the marketing companies to reach out to real people over different types of devices, publishers and platforms. The main aim behind this was to solve the marketer's problem of cross devices. Facebook recently announced Atlas, which is a rebuilt ad platform that enables the marketing companies to access a whole range of user data and also helps them in directing high targets ads on the web.

According to Johnson, Atlas with its targeting and measurement capability will be able to connect with the online campaigns with the help of offline sales. This will help the marketer’s to analyze the effectiveness of their ads. Among the first few companies, Pepsi and Intel are the one trying out this new platform. Instagram also has been enabled with Atlas to verify as well as measure their ad impressions.

Facebook Motivation: 

For Facebook, Atlas seems to be the obvious next step. Once the user is logged into Facebook app, this service will be able to identify all the other apps the users is using and accordingly place messages in that apps. Even though Google has a similar service but Facebook has vast users in number.

Isolate Promotion: 

With Google being the leader in advertising world, Atlas seems to be looking to directly attack the service. With the digital advertising market having worth of more than US$100 billion/year, Google has been able to rake in nearly half of this amount every year. With Facebook having millions of users and their daily activities in Facebook, the company can literally deliver not only personal but also precise ads.

All this can be achieved without the company being too intrusive. This means irrespective of the device, once the user logs on Facebook, they will be given individually directed ads. The company is hoping for higher conversion rate from these ads. When it comes to winning the advertising market world, Google just because is the leader in search engine can’t expect to be a winner.

New solutions for Marketers: 

Even without the details not being released by the company, this can certainly be considered as breakthrough for the marketers wherein they have the ads option in different devices, offline as well as large target audience. The company will be able to solve one of the biggest challenges of advertising to a target audience on a multiplatform. While this might be something the company can cheer about, customers might not be on the same level. If the users are aware of the functions of Atlas, they might not be comfortable about being targeted across the web.

Whether anyone will agree or not, privacy will still be an issue concerning the users. But there are data which indicate that the users are willing to share their information as long as their privacy is not invaded over an extent. With this new platform, Facebook will be a leader and set an example for other social media sites to venture into advertising networks.

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