Friday 3 October 2014

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Alpha
With its last release Samsung Galaxy S5 not reaching extraordinary sales in the market, the South Korean company is now releasing a flagship in the Galaxy Series the “Samsung Galaxy Alpha”. Just after a few days of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus release in the smartphone market. Though a major and a competing move against their arch rivals Apple, this phone just seems to be a mixture of its ancestors and iPhones.

Samsung at last launches a real alpha phone in terms of processing speed, display and camera. But still seems to lag behind in terms of design and storage.

Display and Dimensions: 

With 5.2" inch screen it fits easily into the hands and pockets, also feels ease to work with just one hand. The device comes with a dimension of 5.21” x 2.58” x 0.26” and weighs around 115grams. The super AMOLED display is quite good and manages to show about 16M colors, though it is disappointing with 720x1080 pixel screen.


With quad core processor, the ease of working with apps and switching between apps is like riding a skateboard on oil with a 2GBof RAM and being said that at the time of release in India it is said to come out with an octa-core processor. Again, thanks to the extraordinary processor, which is worth a major portion of the money invested in buying this phone.


It feels like Samsung has tried to imitate the iPhone 5 design by giving the phone a metallic ring on the sides, though its ancestors got the same ring around. The device looks like the design is majorly inspired from iPhone 5 while looking through the side view. The back cover design gives the phone a toy look and seems to be a break-with-ease cover. Again, it seems like Samsung imitated the iPhone's thin lock design, when seen from the sides and has the typical Samsung design from front and back. So, On the whole the design seems to be a mediocre increase from the Galaxy S2.


Alpha has a 12MP rear camera and 2.1MP front camera with an LED flash and auto focus option. The quality of front camera is quite good when it comes for video calling. The phone's camera has got quite an improvement from the S5, when it comes to the quality of pictures that are captured in the dark. Still, it feels like the camera can be improved a lot like it is with other smartphones (Sony, iPhone, Nokia) in the market of the same price level.


The phone has got a 32GB internal storage, and the device has no extension slot for extending the device memory. 2 GB of RAM allows the users to run multiple applications at the same time.


It comes with the latest version of Android OS v4.4. It appears like the problems of Samsung phones with Android OS almost disappeared in this phone still a pure android feature would be of a great relief for users.

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