Friday 17 October 2014

Crazy about selfies? HTC Gives you a Grand Opportunity

HTC Desire Eye
The Taiwanese company HTC has now given a thought to the camera of the smartphones they are producing as because they are well aware of the craze in selfies among the public. And if you are one among them, then it is good news for you too. The Taiwanese company is trying to build the camera in a way that the pictures come out clearer almost in an HD form so that you are quite satisfied with the results. For that reason, the companies are trying to inculcate the following features in the cameras of the Smartphones.

Features that HTC is trying to fit in

  • The HTC Desire Eye has managed to bring a 13mega pixel camera and a dual LED flash above the screen where the phone’s speaker is placed. This will give the extra advantage of increased clarity so that the customers are totally satisfied with the picture quality that they are getting. It is one of the highest resolution front facing camera that has been launched so far. 
  • HTC wants to cover the differences between the front facing and the rear-facing camera so that the selfies are as clear and good as the normal other pictures are. And since people are more fond of selfies, this feature will indeed turn out to be one of the most popular of the lot. 
  • HTC has beaten others in the field as to where camera is concerned. With a front camera with strong resolution, it has almost made a great leap in the arena of technology. 
  •  This camera is fully complete with auto focus and 1080p video recording too which means that if you have a party going on at your background, you can record the whole of it without having to exclude yourself from the scene which is a pretty interesting fact as well. 
  •  The dual LED flash is the one, which is responsible for the clarity of the picture. So even if you are in a dark zone, you can always get your picture clear. And yes, the flash has been designed so that the picture appears as if taken from a normal light mode so that the picture does not carry a ghostly white appearance of you, or you do not look pale in it. 
  • The Desire Eye has truly been a smart move for all the selfie lovers and those who are not that much addictive to them will soon be obsessed with selfies if they get hold of this gadget just for once. Now it is just a matter of time to see whether the customers are really happy with this new move or not. 
  • Desire Eye is giving all these features at much cheaper rates than other smartphones. Though these specifications sound costly, yet they are not so. At least not when HTC is the launching company. Not only the price, but also the quality of the specifications is what makes this phone unique.

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