Tuesday 28 October 2014

Power of Big Data Analytics

Cloud Physics
Several companies tend to use Big Data technology across various industries to identify new options in improving their functions.

Cloud Physics is one such company who strives in bringing the power of Big Data analytics to every data centre, in capturing data with virtualized infrastructure, analyse it, providing great insights which could be helpful in making smarter data driven operational options.

Infographic helps in bringing about visual representations of information, data or knowledge which could present complex information accurately to the viewers. This could improve cognition through the utilization of graphics thereby enhancing the visual system of the human’s ability in seeing patterns and the trends.

The idea of the creation of infographic could be considered as data visualization, information architecture or information design. But there could be some scary things lurking in your data centre and CloudPhysics has brought about an awareness of some of the hidden hazards which could be lurking in virtualized data centres.

Data centres could tend to be fraught and could include hidden operational problems and since virtual infrastructure could be somewhat complex and dynamic, several vulnerabilities could go unnoticed and could be difficult to identify while on the other hand known hazards tend to get ignored since the administrators either underestimate, or don’t comprehend the scope, risk and severity.

Report Analysis on Virtualized Data Centre 

The company specializes in identifying and resolving issues which could affect virtualized infrastructures. A graphic in the spirit of Halloween, identifies issues like Heartbleed and renders control which could have unexpected repercussion on the operation of IT infrastructures.

Viewers could take the opportunity of requesting a free analysis report that could highlight hazards lurking in their data centres which is an easy process and can be obtained on furnishing the details desired by them.

The company helps in generating a full report on what is taking place in your virtualized data centre, at no cost. Should the user also tend to have other tools in their environment to inform on this stuff or that none of them may exits, the user could still benefit from the same.

Moreover, the report also provides information about virtualized datacentre which could not have been mentioned or that one may not be unaware of.

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