Thursday 9 October 2014

Pebble Cuts Down The Smart Watch Price: Is It Due To Apple Watch?

Pebble is the company, who named their smart watch and after naming the smart watch now they are planning to cut down the prices of smart watch for the benefit of users. Apart from cost cutting in price the company is currently working on adding additional features like fitness tracking capabilities (software developed by Jawbones, UP band maker, and Shines fitness tracker makers Misfit). The fitness track also features in a commercial of Apple.

From the coming Tuesday, the starting level of the Pebble smart watch will cost the consumer around $99. On the other hand the Pebble Steel which is basically similar to the entry level device modified to be encased in a metal body will cost around $199.

Pebble smart watch features:

The Pebble smart watch has the advantage of being operable with both iPhone as well as android phones and can also show a person the notifications of an incoming text, calls, tweets and even emails. Another added feature of the Pebble smart watch is the fact that one will be able to install apps on the watch from the Pebble app store. This watch might have just black and white screen but in turn it allows the users to use the watch for a maximum of 5 days on a single charge. Most of the other smart watch with the color screen options like that of Samsung are operable only up-to 2 days on single charge.

Changes expected:

The users of the Pebble smart watch will be given access to get the latest update of the fitness tracker on their device. The software will enable the users to monitor their steps as well as sleep. Pebble has used software, which is mainly used for tracking swimming workouts (made by

This upgrade and cut down is expected to be a very crucial step for the company. The company came into the highlight in the tech world when it was able to raise $10.2 million from crowd funding site in 2012. Pebble is still considered as one of the most successful crowd funded projects.


Pebble is currently the cheapest in terms of smart watches as they have cut down the price from $150 to $99, which is significant change in the current competitive market. Currently Google’s Android Wear watches will cost a person around $200 with the disadvantage of being operable only with specific android phones on the other hand Apple is expected to sell their smart watch at around $349, which is for the entry level watch, whereas the high end watches can be expected easily in thousands.
With this new price, Pebble will be able to achieve which other highly priced smart watch companies can’t as it is not limited to work on one single platform.

According to Pebble CEO, Eric Migicovsky, Company is developing watch not any kind of luxury product. They are not making a computer for hand, it will have notifications and all this can be reflected through the pricing.

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