Saturday 4 October 2014

Encryptions of New Level of Smartphone Alarms Law Enforcement

The new technology has evolved and developed the world a lot in past few years. The introduction and formation of different devices has made the life of people easy and luxurious.

One of such development is the introduction of smart phones in the market. Smart phone is able to bring a deviating change in life of common people in hefty. The introduction of smart phone is a boom in the market of technology and helps the internet world to be a part and parcel of each individual’s life. The functionality of smart phones has made it very popular among all common mass.

New Laws that have been amalgamated

New laws have been incorporated enforcing the operating system of the smart phones. Apple, one of the most renowned names in the smart phone list has announced that its new operating system used in the phones will be preventing law enforcement and phone thieves from repossessing data, which are stored in a locked phone.

The data include photos, videos, contact list or anything and everything saved in your phone. This idea was not welcomed worldwide, many unacceptable comments were heard from different sources and people did not liked the idea to some extent.

The FBI director criticized the decision of Apple and Google of encrypt the data of the phone in order to make it inaccessible to enforcement of law. He was not very much convinced by the idea and don’t appreciated the proposal in all.

He put light to the fact that child-kidnapping and terrorism are two cases which might decrease in number if the details or data are quickly access by the authorities. Many lives can be saved in this form, but again it is illegal to check others’ data and details if the concerned person is unwilling to open it.

It will be difficult for the FBI to carry on their investigation under the new policy, which only allows the corporeal contact to the victim’s phone when the user is unwilling to unlock it for the authorities. He also included that the law enforcement is at one point have pros as well as have few cons. Replying or commenting about it without proper knowledge or study is difficult.

Pros and Cons

Apart from this, the enforcement of law can be a boom as well as immoral for the people. As it has some advantages, it also has many disadvantages, which cannot be ignored. As rightly said by the director of FBI, the enforcement of law on the operating system and making it quickly accessible to the authorities will in large help to save lives of millions of people throughout the world.

Two most hazard and big crime can be saved if the law is enforced. Child kidnapping and terrorism are the two most unwanted crimes, which can be completely stopped if the authorities will be in a position to get access to the data and details of the suspects’ personal phone.

Thus the decision of enforcement of law on the operating system is still not so acceptable.

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