Tuesday 14 October 2014

How to Stop Android Devices from Lagging?

Android Devices
As we all know, now-a-days most of the people use Smartphone’s or Android devices for their daily use. Most people spend time playing games on handsets, develop new apps or very useful for developers and for many more purposes. For this reason, all people hate if their smart phone lags or get slower as it interrupts them from their routine work. People have become more impatience now-a-days, so they can’t tolerate a slight delay in their work and the same is going on with the android devices.

There are many reasons causing the Smartphone’s to lag from their original speed. To cope up with this, the user must first know about the cause of lagging and then be able to fix it for the better functioning of their handset as it used to be before.

With time every the smart phones slows down, so it’s important your devices by following these simple and easy steps and boost your device speed.

Updating the Firmware: 

Your Smartphone’s firmware plays crucial role in fixing up some lags, and other issues without your awareness. So having a regular update of your firmware may help you fix the lagging of your handset ensure its user with better performance.

Put apps into Hibernation: 

Your handset may have tons of apps out of which you might use hardly few. Others may be used occasionally by you. These apps not in use consume more of battery and causes lagging of your device.

So you can put these apps into hibernation and whenever you need them just tap on the app and they will wake up and perform as normal. You can perform this task by using Greenify app.

Once you install this app, click on the + button and tap the apps that you wish to put to sleep and then select Accept button.

Resetting your device: 

Resetting your device is a temporary solution. It helps you to erase everything and brings your phone to the original condition same as you received in the box. But after some days when you start using it, the same lagging problem arises.

Assure that you backup all your important contacts and other important data before heading towards resetting of your device.

Low internal memory: 

Having low internal memory may be the reason behind lagging of your device. So you can use some external storage device like SD card to store media files like songs, videos and other files. This will free your internal storage and prevents your device from lagging.

Some low-end phones come with low internal memories, so they might not observe much difference with this solution.


Even rooting up your phone can help boost the speed of your Smartphone. This might be a risky one as unsuccessful rooting may brick your phone and if rooted successfully, it might void your handsets warranty. Voiding of warranty might not be the point of concern as you may enroot your phone and restore the warranty again.

After rooting you can over clock your phone’s processor which will boost up the speed of your device but will consume more battery than before.


Before performing any of the above steps, it is advisable that you backup your mobile data so that you do not lose any of them during the process.

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