Thursday 23 October 2014

Google Going to Consider New App Trial System for Google Play

Google Play Store
Google is approaching to launch the new “Micro Apps “system that would allow the users to experience the entire features as that of the original system. It helps the users to get access easily and thus they can understand the entire features before purchase.

Once, you comprehend the complete benefits that you would receive you can take the right decision without any errors. Sometimes, you face certain confusions and want to get the trial option. Hence, Google brings in the suitable App trial system where you can get familiar with the complete features. Knowing the detailed procedure, you can analyze whether the App fulfills all your requirement according to your needs.

The User-Friendly Approach

Google maintains a complete user-friendly procedure that you can easily manage. Once, you get familiar with the comprehensive features you can understand the original importance of the particular system developed by Google.

Using the suitable Micro App facility, you would be able to download the trial version. So, it is useful to know the overall features and gain the confidence while purchasing the App. You can get the feasible product, as you already know the benefits that you would receive after purchasing the specific stuff accumulating the smart features.

Once, you understand the usability of the system you can easily obtain the application in your device eradicating all the negative issues. It comes out as the strong platform where you can establish the enormous technical utilities.

Google’s Survey

Google carried out a detailed survey that reveals the success of iOS and thus they decide to bring the new option. It helps the users in a great way ensuring that they avail the accurate product accumulating the sophisticated features.

Therefore, the paid App that you purchase can successfully feature all the positive approaches according to your desires. Moreover, it inspires the users to buy the particular App on which they find the complete interest. Gradually, Google can enhance the consumers who become the feasible buyers after using the Micro App system.

So, the paid Android Apps would earn the suitable recognition all over the world due to the innovative strategy from Google. Once, the user get addicted to the particular App he/she cannot stop buying the product to enjoy the full version.

Beneficial for the Developers

Previously the developers need to develop a complete new version of the paid App that consumed much more time and cost. While coming to the Micro App they only have to produce the small trial version that reduces the overall time as well as effort. It helps Google to gain the genuine consumers that would help them to increase the business assets.

However, the user should know the terms and conditions before purchasing the feasible product. It would aid them to get the authenticated App along with the smart technical suites.

Gradually, all the Android users would come to know about the new option and would try the interesting trial versions. It would increase their urge to play the entire game and thus they would buy the complete paid App.

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