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Monday 13 November 2017

BankBot Android Malware Sneaks into the Google Play Store

BankBot: Google’s little Sneak

A malware known for stealing people’s bank details by posing as a legitimate bank’s web page has struck hundreds of users yet again.

The malware was spotted on the Google play store in April of this year, with a recurrence in September and then finally it has come around again in November. Each of these times the Bank Bot nuisance has been removed by the Google team.

What essentially is BankBot?

BankBot is malware that first made its appearance in the Google Play store in April of this year. Posing as a legitimate app it fools users into downloading it. BankBot then asks for permission to SMS, bank and other details, all the while appearing to be a legitimate process of downloading the app.

Finally BankBot poses as a bank page when any payment has to be made. This bank page appears as an overlay to the actual one. BankBot even has access to an individual’s SMS app to take care of dual authentication processes which is required for some banks.

Why was it so easy for users to get fooled?

Users of Google’s Play store downloaded a seemingly genuine app known as Crypto Currency Market Prices. This app appears to be the front of the malware. Having a proper appearance and containing all the details it promised to have, it was very easy for users to get fooled by the app.

By having a working app, users were easily taken in by its appearance to doubt any foul practice. Had it been an app which appeared to be full of spam or one that didn’t work well or could not be opened, it would have given users an idea of what the app really was about.

The second point to note was that the malware was removed twice by the Google team with the security protocols being renewed and updated and in spite of all this BankBot found its way back into the system.

Updates to BankBot:

Since its first appearance in April, the BankBot malware has under gone a series of updates. These updates include code obfusication and the ability to bypass Android’s accessibility services.

This coupled with the fact that it was able to penetrate Google’s security protocol is an added way in which the malware has developed over the span of 7 months.

Users affected by BankBot:

The crypto currency app containing the malware was removed from the Google Play store but not before hundreds of users downloaded it to their mobile devices.

As far as Google is concerned, its 1.4 million were safe from the attack. It is unsure how many users were affected when the malware first arrived on the scene in April of this year.

Google Play store is full of apps that can cause serious damage to an individual’s device or in this case to their bank account. It is therefore important to keep an eye out on what you’re downloading. This is not the first time Google has become embroiled in the malware found on its Play store, recently there was news that a fake Whatsapp app was doing the rounds on the Google Play store.

Thursday 23 October 2014

Google Going to Consider New App Trial System for Google Play

Google Play Store
Google is approaching to launch the new “Micro Apps “system that would allow the users to experience the entire features as that of the original system. It helps the users to get access easily and thus they can understand the entire features before purchase.

Once, you comprehend the complete benefits that you would receive you can take the right decision without any errors. Sometimes, you face certain confusions and want to get the trial option. Hence, Google brings in the suitable App trial system where you can get familiar with the complete features. Knowing the detailed procedure, you can analyze whether the App fulfills all your requirement according to your needs.

The User-Friendly Approach

Google maintains a complete user-friendly procedure that you can easily manage. Once, you get familiar with the comprehensive features you can understand the original importance of the particular system developed by Google.

Using the suitable Micro App facility, you would be able to download the trial version. So, it is useful to know the overall features and gain the confidence while purchasing the App. You can get the feasible product, as you already know the benefits that you would receive after purchasing the specific stuff accumulating the smart features.

Once, you understand the usability of the system you can easily obtain the application in your device eradicating all the negative issues. It comes out as the strong platform where you can establish the enormous technical utilities.

Google’s Survey

Google carried out a detailed survey that reveals the success of iOS and thus they decide to bring the new option. It helps the users in a great way ensuring that they avail the accurate product accumulating the sophisticated features.

Therefore, the paid App that you purchase can successfully feature all the positive approaches according to your desires. Moreover, it inspires the users to buy the particular App on which they find the complete interest. Gradually, Google can enhance the consumers who become the feasible buyers after using the Micro App system.

So, the paid Android Apps would earn the suitable recognition all over the world due to the innovative strategy from Google. Once, the user get addicted to the particular App he/she cannot stop buying the product to enjoy the full version.

Beneficial for the Developers

Previously the developers need to develop a complete new version of the paid App that consumed much more time and cost. While coming to the Micro App they only have to produce the small trial version that reduces the overall time as well as effort. It helps Google to gain the genuine consumers that would help them to increase the business assets.

However, the user should know the terms and conditions before purchasing the feasible product. It would aid them to get the authenticated App along with the smart technical suites.

Gradually, all the Android users would come to know about the new option and would try the interesting trial versions. It would increase their urge to play the entire game and thus they would buy the complete paid App.

Monday 7 April 2014

How to get free credits on Google Play Store

Google Play Store
Google Play store is one of the main app portal which serves as a center for millions of android applications for the android users. We all would have downloaded several apps from the Google Play Store, and most of us would prefer the free version of the application instead of the paid application. But in case of paid one, no need of purchasing any additional features and also if you were going for the paid app, it will be the best option for free updates, security issues and so on.

The free version of the application can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store and in the meantime, the application will require some sort of in-app purchases if you need to do something in the application. The paid versions have more advantage than that of the free version of application that is found in the Google Play Store.

In the other hand, the paid version will require few bucks to download. This makes the people to think for a while and go for free or alternative apps that are already available in the Google Play Store. Form now you can download the premium apps without spending single bucks in the Google Play Store, and you can enjoy the real features of the apps in your android devices. In this post, has brought you a way that allows you to download the premium apps from the Google Play Store by earning some free credits in the Google Play Store.

Google Opinion Rewards App is the application that allows you to earn some free Google Play Store credits from your mobile itself. Google Play Store itself has this application and you can download this application from the Google Play Store and install it in your mobile devices. Google Opinion Rewards App is developed mainly for taking the survey among the people, and is developed by the Google Consumer Survey. Google Opinion Rewards App allows the people to earn some free credits over the Google Play store by completing the survey in the internet from your mobile itself.

All you have to done is that, you need to simply answer for the simple question that has been displaying in the application. This let you to earn free bucks in the Google Play Store. Google Opinion Rewards App is an amazing application that makes you to feel rich and you can use those credits to download Games, Applications, Music and also books from the Google Play Store. Even you can use these free credits for online shopping, since the credits will store in the Google Wallet.

Google Wallet credits can be used to buy online that support Google Wallet payment. For example, you can use this Google Credits for upgrading your whatsapp application for one more year or for lifetime period. Likewise, you can use this Google Play Store credits for many purposes. Stay tuned for more technical content based on technology and gadgets from Mono-Live

Saturday 15 March 2014

Google Play Store Updated And Brings More Saftey

Google Play Store
The Google Play Store for Android has received an update to version 4.6.16. The update is currently being rolled out and should reach all supported devices within the next few days.

Alternatively, now you can install the APK file. The update includes new safety features when buying apps to secure the users interest. So you can now specify in the settings that the Google password must be entered before any app purchase.

In addition, in-app purchases it will be clearly marked and displayed in the app permissions. More over several applications can be installed simultaneously in this new version. This is especially useful if you want to install your previously downloaded apps on a new phone.

The new Google Play is already available as an APK file for free download. If you do not manually update it then you will receive the update automatically within the next few days on his Android Smartphone.

Wednesday 13 November 2013

How to download Android applications directly in your PC from Google Playstore

Download android apps to pc
Android operating system is becoming a best operating system for the smartphone which is manufactured nowadays.You can get tons of applications for your mobile from various app stores. Google Play Store is one of the applications downloading area from which you can download most of the applications for your mobile phone. But Google play store is the service which is provided by the Google and it has several restrictions in order to use it.

Most of the mobile which are manufactured nowadays comes with a predefined application from the Google Play Store from which you can download anything which is available over the internet. But there are several alternatives from which you can easily download applications for your mobile and you can install them in your mobile. Android application packages are simply called as APK files which can be used to install your file over your android mobile phones. You can download various application packages for your mobile and you can easily install them in your mobile by simply copying them in your mobile. This let you to install the applications in your mobile very easily.

Apart from the Google Play Store, you can download applications from various websites. But Google play store is a best source of application which provides you applications without any sort of malicious codes inside the applications. There are several reason which makes the Google Play Store to be a wrong choice for directly downloading application in to your mobile phone.

1. You may know that the application will perfectly suits into your mobile phone and the application cannot be downloaded in to your mobile as it is saying incompatible with your mobile phone.

2. As you want to download the application and you need to install the application which doesn’t have the Google Play Store applications. Suppose if you need to download an application to your non-playstore supported mobile, you cannot download the app into your device very easily.

3. Sometimes, the application in the Google Play Store is not supported for your country. So you cannot easily download the application in your mobile.

In this case you can easily download the application in direct download process and you can install them wherever you need. Evozi is an application which let you to download the APK in any device which are listed in the Google Play Store. You can use the service of Evozi by accessing this link from which you can get any application in your device.

You can download any application which is present over the Google Plays store by copying the URL of the Google Play store Application and enter the URL in the Evozi website which is given above. By entering the URL, you can get a direct download link in the website, which allows you to directly download the application in whatever mobile or devices you want. This is a wonderful feature which gives you a maximum usability. And also you can download and install any application in any android devices you have.

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Issue of Privacy with Google Play Store!

The issue of privacy is a sensitive topic on the internet. The Google application store, the Play Store, finds itself the center of attention after a ticket from a developer who explains to access personal information of users of its program. The download platform is indeed a bit too talkative on those who use it. Once a person download a paid application, some data would then be transmitted to the author. The Australian developer Dan Nolan noticed this detail through the administration console of the shop. With a simple click, you have access to the personal information of users of its application such as name, email address, or the location.

 Data by which, with your own admission, could enable him to "stalk and harass users who leave negative reviews are reimbursed or application." In fact, this information is needed particularly in the context of a refund application fee, which is why this data exchange is not about those that are free. The conditions of use of Google Play Store also indicate: "Google may need to provide your personal data, such as your name and e-mail to suppliers in order to process your transactions and / or Content you provide. Google has agreed with the suppliers they use the information in accordance with the rules of confidentiality. '