Wednesday 13 November 2013

How to download Android applications directly in your PC from Google Playstore

Download android apps to pc
Android operating system is becoming a best operating system for the smartphone which is manufactured nowadays.You can get tons of applications for your mobile from various app stores. Google Play Store is one of the applications downloading area from which you can download most of the applications for your mobile phone. But Google play store is the service which is provided by the Google and it has several restrictions in order to use it.

Most of the mobile which are manufactured nowadays comes with a predefined application from the Google Play Store from which you can download anything which is available over the internet. But there are several alternatives from which you can easily download applications for your mobile and you can install them in your mobile. Android application packages are simply called as APK files which can be used to install your file over your android mobile phones. You can download various application packages for your mobile and you can easily install them in your mobile by simply copying them in your mobile. This let you to install the applications in your mobile very easily.

Apart from the Google Play Store, you can download applications from various websites. But Google play store is a best source of application which provides you applications without any sort of malicious codes inside the applications. There are several reason which makes the Google Play Store to be a wrong choice for directly downloading application in to your mobile phone.

1. You may know that the application will perfectly suits into your mobile phone and the application cannot be downloaded in to your mobile as it is saying incompatible with your mobile phone.

2. As you want to download the application and you need to install the application which doesn’t have the Google Play Store applications. Suppose if you need to download an application to your non-playstore supported mobile, you cannot download the app into your device very easily.

3. Sometimes, the application in the Google Play Store is not supported for your country. So you cannot easily download the application in your mobile.

In this case you can easily download the application in direct download process and you can install them wherever you need. Evozi is an application which let you to download the APK in any device which are listed in the Google Play Store. You can use the service of Evozi by accessing this link from which you can get any application in your device.

You can download any application which is present over the Google Plays store by copying the URL of the Google Play store Application and enter the URL in the Evozi website which is given above. By entering the URL, you can get a direct download link in the website, which allows you to directly download the application in whatever mobile or devices you want. This is a wonderful feature which gives you a maximum usability. And also you can download and install any application in any android devices you have.

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