Friday 22 November 2013

Google Web Designer Beta, Create HTML5 Content Of Your Own

Google Web Designer
Google has released its free Google Web designer in a first beta version. Google created this current version mainly banner ads, but also intended for good old sites. Flash advertising is computationally intensive and error prone. Many users switched over such content. In the advertising industry, there is still little effort to use the HTML5 alternative.

Why is that? For one of good tools for creating HTML5 advertising is lacking. With programs like Adobe Edge can indeed be standard advertising create a high quality, but the results are often so extensive that they are not accepted by marketers. In addition, between an advertiser and its agency and the website to play the advertising, are often intermediaries who provide technical solutions that cannot handle HTML code. Some agency that has admitted early to the new technology had to find that they could bring to advertise only on a few websites.

Google wants to fix with his web designer in combination with its DoubleClick ad serving platforms and Admob at least the technical hurdles. So should be capable of create without programming using the Google Web Designer in HTML5 banners that can be played directly through the widespread systems of DoubleClick and Admob then, even on mobile devices. Here, the Google Web Designer offers for Google platforms finished project templates, but it is also easily possible to create online advertising to other advertising platforms, the Web designer but files with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

And the creation of online advertising should be only the first step in the long term should become familiar with the web designer creating and edit web pages. Currently, it is not yet possible to open HTML files created with other editors to the Web designer. Basically, the Google Web Designer is a WYSIWYG editor that generates HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript code. Google wants to provide an alternative to Adobe Flash, which now indeed also has an HTML5 export, for the creation of online advertising is currently not really usable.

Adobe has also recognized that the trend away from Flash developed towards HTML5. Therefore, Adobe has developed a number of new tools, grouped under the heading of Adobe Edge. The web designer is most similar to the Adobe Edge Animate, which also generates HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript code. Edge Animate has a slightly different functionality. In contrast, contains the web designer features such as 3D - ready tools and components that are not found in Adobe Edge that. For programmers Edge Animate offers a JavaScript code editor with function blocks and a good JavaScript API documentation. On the other hand, the user can switch the web designs directly into the HTML code view, the code editor syntax highlighting dominated. Also knows the code editor auto-completion, for example by automatically adds it after creating the start tag, the end tag.

Google Web Designer -1
For creation of events and web designer offers a wizard that can be selected in the event sequences. It automatically creates JavaScript code that can be edited in the Code Editor. The most important part of the program for the animation of objects is the timeline. This is the web designer in expanded animation mode. This can be key frames for objects at a specific time set at the end, so that the animation is created. This is directly playable.

Keyframes in the timeline using drag -and- drop operation, the user can also adjust the properties individually. The delay of movements between keyframes can be influenced by characteristics curve. With Adobe Edge Animate the Timeline is similar. Here, the more features. Keyframes must not be set manually, ensures an automatic keyframe mode. This is the creation of the animation easier by hand. Overall, the procedure for creating animations in Adobe Flash Professional two editors is very similar.

 The recommended banner sizes in the advertising industry vary depending on the banner size. The Google Web Designer displays the size of output when publishing. Here you can also set options such as compression. The output produces high quality HTML code. In contrast, Edge Animate was initially in the criticism because critics Adobe to ignore accusing the HTML standard. Web Designer with Google can bring about the transition to HTML 5 Google has a stake in the global online advertising by about a third.

 Using the web designer provides a free Google tool available that house advertising platforms can operate easily with the agencies. Future so that Google could use its market power to bring about a switch from Adobe Flash format in the HTML5 format. This is early beta stage but still makes in the range of noticeable. If Google is driving forward the development of the web editors area, the web designer would also be an interesting alternative there.

So that Google could use the entire value chain, starting with the creation of banner ads and websites with the web designer on the distribution and marketing services with the help of their own way to display with Chrome. The Google Web Designer can be downloaded for Windows and Mac OS from the Web Designer site. A Linux version is currently not provided Google. Group discussions can be found in the Web Designer Forum, and on the help page provides an introduction and some Google videos. Besides, some example files can be found in the Help section.

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