Wednesday 20 November 2013

Should Your Business Use Appointment Setting Software?

Ask a new sales professional what she dreads most about her job and you may hear, "cold calling prospective customers." The Robertson Training Group says that people dislike cold calling because they hate feeling rejected. This one reason stops not only sales professionals. It stops everyday people from asking for experiences they want.

For example, the fear of feeling rejected stops men and women from asking people they have strong feelings for out on dates. The fear of rejection also stops workers from asking for promotions or pay increases, even when the employees have completed higher levels of work, clearly demonstrating that they have earned promotions and/or salary increases.

To reduce their fear of rejection, sales professionals are turning to appointment setting software. The software can be customized for certain businesses. Certain industries may find the software more critical to their bottom line than other companies. Intelliverse’s appointment setting service, ,is built to reduce the fear of being rejected in that it calls or contacts customers, eliminating the need for sales professionals to dial prospective customers themselves.

The appointment setting software can be used to schedule a specific number of outbound calls for one or more members of a sales team to make each day, week, month or quarter. Because the software automates calling systems, it can be set to dial a range of customers directly. During this time, sales professionals can rehearse sales messages. They can also review statistics, recent news reports and other analytics they plan to discuss with clients.

Busy sales professionals may want to use the time to respond to customer questions or to finalize presentations. After appointment setting software successfully connects with prospective customers, a warning flashes across a dashboard screen, alerting sales professionals to the fact that the prospect they want to speak with is on the line.

In addition to reducing, possibly even eliminating the fear of rejection, from sales professionals, appointment setting software can also help rid sales professionals of other reasons they dislike making cold calls. For example, the software can be used to keep sales persons from feeling as they are coming across as desperate commission-based workers.

No longer sounding like a telemarketer, losing the fear that they will be interrupting a prospect at home or at work and feeling the pressure to close sales on the first call are other barriers that the software can reduce or eliminate. Because the software is not an auto dialer, sales persons stay in control of which prospects are contacted and when.

To get the most out of the software, businesses that use the software should monitor the results of outbound calls on a daily basis. Furthermore, if businesses test different sales pitches or scripts, they can measure which pitches or scripts generate the best results from which types of customers. For example, businesses could use the software's reports to find out if young adults living in the western part of the country respond more positively to their active sales pitches than retirees do.
Tom Hanson

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