Monday 4 November 2013

Watson, the smartest IBM computer to diagnose the cancer better than medical students!

IBM Watson
Watson is simply the smartest computer in the world. Designed by IBM; which is endowed with more artificial intelligence, that is capable of diagnosing cancers with a success rate higher than that of the medical students. It is a revolution in the medical world which is brought by Watson.

Its new mission is now to come and help doctors at Memorial Sloan -Kettering Cancer Center in New York, a center that has treated 1125 patients with a lung tumor in 2012. For this, a team of 25 researchers helped artificial intelligence to assimilate more than 600,000 medical data, primarily lung cancer.

The computer is now able, thanks to its ability to understand natural language, not computer language, to respond to questions from doctors and diagnose with a success rate of 90% of lung cancer! By downloading the patient record in the machine, Watson informs the doctor about the best treatment to use and displays a ranked list according to a confidence index decreasing.

Watson is currently undergoing testing in a New York hospital. Thanks to him, health care costs could be reduced by 30 % in the United States, either one, € 46 billion! The technology of artificial intelligence that is simply extraordinary and we hope it can help many people. In fact many are fascinated by this technological advancement but others prefer to rely on the advice of doctors.

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