Monday, 4 November 2013

Firefox 26 Beta Mozilla turns off all plugins

Firefox 26 Beta
Mozilla is more serious in terms user security and hence Firefox 26 Beta disabled almost all plugins by default to protect users against their vulnerabilities and excessive resource consumption. But there is a prominent exception too.

With the beta version of Firefox 26; Mozilla announced a new feature namely click-to -play sharp: The browser no longer active with most plugins, such plugings must be activated by the user with only one click. Mozilla wants care more for the users and hence it increase more security of Firefox users, outdated plugins are one of the biggest malware gateways.

However, Mozilla makes a prominent exception for Adobe; hence Adobe Flash is not completely blocked. Flash content may be used on the web and so Flash will also used often hidden, click-to -play that would lead us to great confusion among users, argues Mozilla. However, there are restrictions for Flash and the Flash Outdated versions that are considered unsafe, are being blocked from Firefox click- to-play option and the user is prompted to install the latest version of Adobe Flash. Mozilla is working here claims to be closely with Adobe.

If a plugin is activated, the plugin for the entire site is unlocked so that users do not need to click unnecessarily often. The beta of Firefox 26 also comes with an advanced support for the H.264 video codec, which under Linux is now available on GStreamer. MP3 files can be played on Windows XP Firefox now, so under all Windows versions is now possible. The password manager of Firefox can handle the new version with password fields generated by scripts.

Updates of Firefox can also make if they do not have write access to the directory where Firefox in your computer, Windows users in the future. This planning in advance, however, that the Mozilla Maintenance Service is running on the respective computers. The introduced with HTML5 AppCache dissolved under Firefox 26 from no more questions, the users, and even if IndexedDB is used , which leads to no longer asking the user.

In terms of the browser supports CSS property "orientation”. Firefox no longer decodes an image that are not visible, to shorten the loading time of web pages. Also new is the app manager that installs HTML5 web apps on Smartphones with OS Firefox and the Firefox OS simulator and can debug. He replaced the simulator dashboard previously used for. Firefox 26 Beta is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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