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Saturday 5 November 2016

Firefox Disables Loophole That Allows Sites to Track Users via Battery Status

We are living in a society, where the science and technology have taken a great leap forward and developed the most outstanding invention of the computer and the internet, which have now become such an issue that a little bit of touch of these can be seen in almost everywhere in our life.

The web surfing in the computer or other devices, with the help of the internet, is a very common issue in our life and people of almost all color, class, nationality are now accustomed with these technological advances, which cannot be avoided, due to its useful characteristics. To cater the web world, the user needs to take the help of a browser that can play the role of perfect vehicle in surfing process.

The Firefox is one such browser, which is considered as one of the most popular ones and being used by millions of internet enthusiasts, across the world. It is popular, not only for the colorful look or name but for the user-friendly features, which are time to time developed by a strong professional team. Recently Firefox disabled one of its features, considered as a loophole because it allows various websites to track the specific user through the status of the battery use.

The Issue at a Glance

The battery status feature of the Firefox is having some loopholes and these are now being fixed or disabled by the organization to provide a sigh of relief for its millions of users from being opened to the users, who want to get the details of the internet user. Some of the features of this fixing of loopholes are as follows: 
  •  The said feature is known as “battery status API’ that allows various websites to request information about what amount of battery life has left of a specific visitor and these are; whether the device is plugged in or not, what time the battery will take to be exhausted and the percentage of remaining charge. 
  •  The browser is having the features that were helpful for websites to offer some of the lesser energy sensitive versions sites for their visitors, who are having less battery power remaining e.g. a mapping site may download a smaller amount of information or a social networking website could put out of action its auto-playing video. 
  •  Only in 2015, the Guardian, renowned newspaper of international repute, reported with various instances that researchers have discovered that someone can easily abuse the specific feature, which may helpful in tracking down the browsing on the internet. 

Now Firefox has disabled this battery status feature in a bid to help their potential users to get rid of the problem of getting tracked by other sites, which is a great threat to their personal security and dignity. Although they have already repaired this loophole, there are others in the market of browsers, who are now considering of repealing some of their features, which may help the internet lovers to get proper immunization from internet threat of being tracked by any websites or personnel of questionable identity.

Monday 16 June 2014

Firefox 31 Beta with More Tools for Developers

Firefox 31 Beta
Firefox 30 final version has just now released and Mozilla shifted attention to Firefox 31, which replaces its predecessor in the distribution channel beta browser. Firefox 31 focuses in particular on tools for developers. Users will also be entitled to some new things.

A search field will be added to the new tab page, and Firefox will open directly pdf, ogg and more. On Windows if no default application takes over, The Next Web notes from the release notes for Firefox 31. In the blog dedicated to news for developers, however there are many more improvements.

Two new debugging tools are introduced, for example one can dedicate the add-ons and other elements to canvas. The Debugger add-on will add a "Debug" button at any add-on that does not require a restart to install it says Mozilla. Must obviously be the module author to gain access to it. A video was posted on Vimeo to explain the operation.

The Debugger Canvas "allows developers to register and in their image scroller code image" from a 2D or 3D animation they created. The editor, seen in the video, resembles the classic debugging tools of Firefox.

 In Mobile applications, we note in particular the arrival of Firefox Hub API, an environment that allows developers to add their content directly on the home page of Firefox for Android, as well as performance improvements and stability APK Factory.

 Finally, little more dedicated to web design can seems, but can provide a productivity gain interesting every day. In the color picker, a pipette will now allow you to copy the color code of any pixel on the screen. The feature that already existed in the form of add-ons but now take in.

Friday 21 March 2014

Firefox 29 Beta With New Interface Released!

Firefox 29 Beta
Mozilla has released Firefox 29 in a first beta version, which already shows the new Australia interface. In addition to new tabs, especially the look of buttons and dialogs of the browser have been changed. In addition, the synchronization service of Firefox Sync is included. The new interface does away with the user interface and reduces the number of continuously visible buttons.

First, the tabs have been greatly changed and slide close to the upper edge of the browser. This saves space for the actual web page content. The active tab has strongly curved edges, while the outlines of the remaining riders are only hinted at and only then visually distinguished when the user moves the mouse over a tab. This affects the surface much tidier without the user mentioned in unknown territory.

Changes also have made in the shortcuts for the bookmarks, downloads, the home page and the main menu will be displayed. You are migrated next to the Google search bar to the right edge. The main menu has undergone the greatest changes and now shows for the first time in the desktop versions buttons for cut, copy, and paste elements.

In addition, new private and browser windows can be opened, saved pages, can take print of them. Also, the add-on sub menus and the developer tools are found in the same window. The Firefox cloud services under the name Sync and Profiles in the Cloud also can be accessed from the menu. With them, browser settings can be kept in sync together with bookmarks across multiple devices.

Anyone wants to use the new sync function, requires a new account. The final version of Firefox 29 will be release on 29 April 2014 The Firefox 29 Beta is available for Linux, Windows and OS X for download. In Google Play also the Beta version for Android has been released and available now.

Thursday 13 February 2014

Advertisement In Firefox Soon!

Advertisement In Firefox Soon!
The Mozilla Foundation plans to introduce ads into the "new tab" in the browser space. These advertisements appear alongside of the Firefox users’ content.

 This is a revolution taking place at Mozilla. The Foundation has announced that it would introduce advertising in its Firefox browser. Attending the annual meeting of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), Darren Herman, vice president in charge of services and income diversification in Mozilla, presented the “Directory Tiles " concept.

When first using Firefox: opening Firefox in a new tab, it will have 9 empty tiles that appear thereafter most visited web sites. The objective is to use these spaces by displaying advertising and preloaded such websites specific to certain geographic areas.

The ads will be stamped so that there is no ambiguity for users. Mozilla says it is trying to introduce the concept of Tiles Directory advertisers but gives no specific date for its introduction.

This diversification is an important step for Mozilla whose revenues are 97% of its agreements with the search engines, especially Google.

Sunday 9 February 2014

Mozilla releases Tile Based Firefox 28 Beta for Windows 8 Touch

Firefox 28 Beta for windows 8 touch
Mozilla has released a beta version of Windows 8 App of Firefox 28. This is adjusted to Microsoft Modern Metro and optimized for touch operation, so that it is of particular interest to focus on Windows 8 tablets. Firefox for Windows 8 Touch, Mozilla calls it as the latest beta version of Firefox 28, which is available as a Windows 8 App.

Thus it differs from the standard Windows Desktop version of Firefox. The typical swiping Windows 8.x as well as pinch-to- zoom are supported, so that with a finger gesture you can move over comfortably into the website, you can zoom in and can be zoom out. The version is therefore primarily intended for owners of Windows 8 tablets or devices with a touch screen.

 " Touch Firefox Beta for Windows 8 has a home screen with direct access to favorites and browsing history. Other features of Firefox, such as the Awesome Bar are always available, “said Mozilla in a statement. The beta version works normally in full screen mode, but can also be placed on the relevant Windows functions in addition to another app, so that both can be viewed simultaneously.

The Metro version of Firefox will bookmark important pages and the course in the form of tiles to blend into the design guidelines from Microsoft. Thus, the operation of the browser should be easier Mozilla promises. The Firefox browser dominates the Windows parts function, so that web pages can be passed on to other apps also. It enables users to use the Metro version of Firefox, must be made Firefox the default browser for Windows 8.

For in the Modern UI world can always use only one browser. Once that's done, a matching Firefox tile is on the home screen of Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. The beta version uses the same browser engine that is also used in the Windows desktop version of Firefox. In the current version of Firefox, the Gamepad API is enabled, VP9 video decoding and Opus in WebM is supported and there is a volume control for HTML5-Audio/-Video.

Under Mac OS X the Notification Center is used for web notification. Since March 2012 Mozilla is working on developing a browser for the new Modern UI interface of Windows 8 alias called Windows 8.1. A first pre-release version of Firefox as Windows 8 app was released in September 2013. Mozilla provides the beta version of Firefox for Windows 8 Touch free to download.

Thursday 6 February 2014

Firefox 27 Available Now

Firefox 27
The Firefox 27 is available now with improved security and with good support for social options. The Firefox 27.0 version is now available through the usual channels. The new version brings no apparent changes but more changes are there in its engine.

Security is again in the spotlight with the activation of TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol that is intended to replace the old SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for the enhanced security. In terms of new features, the Mozilla Foundation announced that it has strengthened the social interactions from third party applications.

 In the previous year, Mozilla has announced that the Facebook is one of their pillars of social integration, and it was fulfilled today hence the user may be connected in an enhanced security with the social media in this version. And 'Delicious' will allow the users to share their links easily within the Delicious network.

"Delicious backup and organizes all your favorites while you surf the web content - you can easily find this content in the Firefox sidebar. Saavn, the music sharing service is now integrated its side through a Firefox sidebar to view a music stream. Social may give a boost to a slowing Firefox!

Monday 4 November 2013

Firefox 26 Beta Mozilla turns off all plugins

Firefox 26 Beta
Mozilla is more serious in terms user security and hence Firefox 26 Beta disabled almost all plugins by default to protect users against their vulnerabilities and excessive resource consumption. But there is a prominent exception too.

With the beta version of Firefox 26; Mozilla announced a new feature namely click-to -play sharp: The browser no longer active with most plugins, such plugings must be activated by the user with only one click. Mozilla wants care more for the users and hence it increase more security of Firefox users, outdated plugins are one of the biggest malware gateways.

However, Mozilla makes a prominent exception for Adobe; hence Adobe Flash is not completely blocked. Flash content may be used on the web and so Flash will also used often hidden, click-to -play that would lead us to great confusion among users, argues Mozilla. However, there are restrictions for Flash and the Flash Outdated versions that are considered unsafe, are being blocked from Firefox click- to-play option and the user is prompted to install the latest version of Adobe Flash. Mozilla is working here claims to be closely with Adobe.

If a plugin is activated, the plugin for the entire site is unlocked so that users do not need to click unnecessarily often. The beta of Firefox 26 also comes with an advanced support for the H.264 video codec, which under Linux is now available on GStreamer. MP3 files can be played on Windows XP Firefox now, so under all Windows versions is now possible. The password manager of Firefox can handle the new version with password fields generated by scripts.

Updates of Firefox can also make if they do not have write access to the directory where Firefox in your computer, Windows users in the future. This planning in advance, however, that the Mozilla Maintenance Service is running on the respective computers. The introduced with HTML5 AppCache dissolved under Firefox 26 from no more questions, the users, and even if IndexedDB is used , which leads to no longer asking the user.

In terms of the browser supports CSS property "orientation”. Firefox no longer decodes an image that are not visible, to shorten the loading time of web pages. Also new is the app manager that installs HTML5 web apps on Smartphones with OS Firefox and the Firefox OS simulator and can debug. He replaced the simulator dashboard previously used for. Firefox 26 Beta is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux.