Sunday 9 February 2014

Mozilla releases Tile Based Firefox 28 Beta for Windows 8 Touch

Firefox 28 Beta for windows 8 touch
Mozilla has released a beta version of Windows 8 App of Firefox 28. This is adjusted to Microsoft Modern Metro and optimized for touch operation, so that it is of particular interest to focus on Windows 8 tablets. Firefox for Windows 8 Touch, Mozilla calls it as the latest beta version of Firefox 28, which is available as a Windows 8 App.

Thus it differs from the standard Windows Desktop version of Firefox. The typical swiping Windows 8.x as well as pinch-to- zoom are supported, so that with a finger gesture you can move over comfortably into the website, you can zoom in and can be zoom out. The version is therefore primarily intended for owners of Windows 8 tablets or devices with a touch screen.

 " Touch Firefox Beta for Windows 8 has a home screen with direct access to favorites and browsing history. Other features of Firefox, such as the Awesome Bar are always available, “said Mozilla in a statement. The beta version works normally in full screen mode, but can also be placed on the relevant Windows functions in addition to another app, so that both can be viewed simultaneously.

The Metro version of Firefox will bookmark important pages and the course in the form of tiles to blend into the design guidelines from Microsoft. Thus, the operation of the browser should be easier Mozilla promises. The Firefox browser dominates the Windows parts function, so that web pages can be passed on to other apps also. It enables users to use the Metro version of Firefox, must be made Firefox the default browser for Windows 8.

For in the Modern UI world can always use only one browser. Once that's done, a matching Firefox tile is on the home screen of Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. The beta version uses the same browser engine that is also used in the Windows desktop version of Firefox. In the current version of Firefox, the Gamepad API is enabled, VP9 video decoding and Opus in WebM is supported and there is a volume control for HTML5-Audio/-Video.

Under Mac OS X the Notification Center is used for web notification. Since March 2012 Mozilla is working on developing a browser for the new Modern UI interface of Windows 8 alias called Windows 8.1. A first pre-release version of Firefox as Windows 8 app was released in September 2013. Mozilla provides the beta version of Firefox for Windows 8 Touch free to download.

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