Saturday 15 February 2014

Update Your Facebook Status In Your Language

Update Your Facebook Status In Your Language
It’s the time for you to update the status of your Facebook, twitter and even sending the mails in your own languages. This article provides you necessary information on how to updates your social networking status in your language.

By using these technique, not only you can update your Facebook status you can also avail other usage in the internet such as writing content for the websites, writing articles for the blogs, status for other social networking sites. In these days it is becoming a trend in making the social media status updatesand which also bring impression over your status because all of us having much interest in seeing our own language in the web. Yup, now we will start this tutorial on how to make Facebook status in your own language i.e. other than English.

The first thing is you should have the Google chrome web browser because the chrome is the only web browser which allows you to update status or writing content in the web in your own language. For updating the Facebook status of writing content in other language by using Google chrome browser you need to download the “Google input language tool” from the Google chrome store

Once you finished downloading the “Google input language tool” from the chrome web store you need to install it in your computer. After finishing the installation you can be able to find the “Google input language tool” icon in the right side top corner of your Google chrome web browser, i.e. it will appear besides the URL address bar of your web browser. Now just make a click on that and choose “theextenuation option” once you made a click over it, it will redirect you to another settings page which will allow you to add your own language to the “the Google input tool chrome application”. And then h ere you can add any number of languages as you wishes. After you finish adding the languages to your extensions you are strictly advised to restart your web browser to utilize the power of extension.

In order to update the status in Facebook by using your own language of your wish, just follow these simple steps given below

For an example we will see for Tamil language.

Ø First login your Facebook account by using Google chrome web browser.

Ø Click the extension button from the top of the browser.

Ø Then select your own language

Ø It will open a pop up as writing pad in the bottom of the web browser.

Ø Then type your status with the pencil provided.

Ø Here the status will be updated which was written in your selected language automatically.

Ø Finally press enter once you finished your work.

Note: this facility of updating the Facebook status in your own language is not available in the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

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