Thursday 6 February 2014

Archos plans to launch a Windows Phone!

The main problem for lesser models of Windows Phone is the lack of manufactures. They are reluctant because of the overwhelming dominance of Nokia in this segment; Nokia is having more than 90 % market share.

Archos Windows Phone
However, the steady increase in sales of Windows Phone (Windows Phone 9.5 million were sold in the third quarter last against 3.7 million a year earlier) begins to give some value to looking to get out of their addiction to Android. This is the case of Sony, Samsung or ZTE.

The French Archos could also be part of it. The manufacturers, who focuses on Smartphones are, opened the door to windows phones now. "We will launch a Windows Phone device when the time comes," said Loic Poirier, CEO of Archos. Archos interest confirms the growing interest of manufacturers for the windows platform.

Their interest could amplify change in business model soon. Because Microsoft might abandon the system unit license in favor of outright free similar to Android. This is what The Verge reports that this strategy would be driven by Terry Meyerson, head of the Windows division to better compete with Android.

 The transition to free licenses for Windows RT and Windows Phone will be introduce soon and the loss of income could then be painful but remember that Microsoft is raking in hundreds of millions of dollars with royalties that key manufacturers of certain patents used by Android.

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