Tuesday 4 February 2014

Experience the Benefits of Cloud Based Phone Systems

Cloud Based Phone Systems
With multiple options made available to people, there are various means of staying connected with individuals at any location, within the quickest span of time. Before the existence of VoIP, all phone systems were on the public switched telephone network but with progress and achievement, improvements have occurred through the internet giving rise to real time communication services as voice, video and communication services over IP based broadband network to telecommunication service provider all across the globe.

 Cloud Phone System, a relatively new phone service which delivers through the internet is much preferred since it has the ability to deliver calls over the internet, route inbound calls to the desired individual within a company as well as provide telephony applications like call recording and voicemail. Service providers have been catering to these requirements with efficiency and accuracy having years of experiences to their credit, providing an excellent method of delivering innovative communication applications to their clients.

They operate, maintaining the network on a single platform which comprises of totally redundant databases, internet connection and server routers making it impossible for any public domain of network components, to fail in communication system. Out of necessity, the competitor communications solution providers are compelled to leverage hostage solutions which rely on the public domain wherein the voice communication traveling over public network, must use public hardware to connect the communication circuit resulting in less secured and reliable means of communications.

The difference between a featured hosted PBX solution and a conventional on-premise enterprise phone system is the area where calls are processed. In the case of hosted scenario, majority of the call handling is virtually processed from the data center of the host instead of routing it through an on-premise phone system in a particular area.

Moreover business callers also have the ability to contact a specific department or a person, leave behind a message, access the name directory or even select from several messages and options. Besides this, the calls routed to one’s office can be sent using the Voice over Internet Protocol technology thereby enabling voice calls to be delivered through a broadband connection instead of the traditional phone services which depended on analog telephone systems.

The hosted PBX solutions offered by them features a state of the art cloud based quality VoIP phone system for businesses. Their inbuilt network based Quality of Services (QoS) enables quality on voice call which is crystal clear and of top priority. It also helps in reducing monthly phone bills; optimizing physical office space where the absence of an expensive and complex phone setting is reduced.

Being a main source for all voice and data communication requirements, provision of twenty four hours service and support is provided by their efficient team on board. They have been offering various small offices, large entrepreneurs as well as independent businesses, the much needed tools to streamline and operate their business which is innovative, cost effective, with highly tested developed tools enabling their clients to enhance their business with complete consumer satisfaction.

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