Wednesday 19 February 2014

Google Play Service 4.2 Provides A New Client Api

Google Play
Google has just announced the release of the latest version of Google Play Service that will provide developers always more tools and possibilities. Although this version is as always intended primarily for developers, some new features could be useful to other users too.

With regard to this version, the most interesting part is the introduction of an API for ChromeCast. Developers had also been ordered to keep their mouths shut when the first publication of this API. Though it had happen a week ago but now only this information is confirmed officially, we are likely to see the emergence of many applications that support the exchange of information continuously.

Also in this version, the API Google Drive has just been launched. This API allowed developers to provide more comprehensive support in particular with regard to the Cloud Google and storing information beyond simple file sharing from last month. It is now possible for applications to temporarily save a file with your username to synchronize with Google Drive and you can later use it for example.

It has new feature that allows Google Drive to compete a bit with similar applications like Dropbox. In this version 4.2 Google Play Service, the client API has also been updated. This new version of the client API will allow developers to connect to all Google services with the same API instead of having a connection service.

User side, nothing has changed with their point of view. To allow time for all developers to update their API, the old version will continue to work and it will become obsolete in a few weeks or months. Finally, for users, nothing is easier than getting the updated Google Play Services 4.2 which will do automatically.

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