Saturday 15 February 2014

How to Open or Access Blocked Websites at Schools, Colleges and Office

Access Blocked
In this world, almost every place has the internet access. But in some places we use internet with some restrictions like schools, colleges and offices etc. i.e. they will block some websites like orkut, facebook, twitter in order to maintain the discipline among the students. In order to access the blocked websites, here we provide the tips.

Instead of using website URL, use IP address 
In schools, colleges and offices, they use software to block which mostly blocks the websites only rather than IP address. For example etc. so we can use IP address to unblock the blocked website. Each and every websites has its own IP address. If you want to know the IP address of the particular website, you have to do the following process.

Run->command Prompt-> type “ping”

Instead of typing Domain, type the Website that you want to know the IP address. For example ping Then the IP address will be displayed. Just type and run the IP address.

Use Proxy manually in Browser
Most of the browsers support the proxy IP addresses manually. You can access the Blocked websites and browse whatever you want. There are so many proxies are available in internet itself. So you can get it through internet.

By setting manual Proxy using Mozilla Firefox
Ø Firefox browser-> option->advance network tab->connection settings

Ø Manual proxy settings window will open-> enter proxy address-> save

Ø If your computer won’t support the Proxy, you can use the alternative one.

Redirect the Blocked website with URL Shorten Service
URL shortner site is used to convert Long URL to Short one. But this site tends to go through the security settings. Tiny URL, MooURL URL are the shortner sites.

Use VPN software 
VPN software is available on both free and paid versions. It allows you to surf enormously, by just downloading the software and installing it on computer. Some of the VPN software’s are listed below.

Ø ProxyXPN

Ø Hotspot

Ø Tunnel

Browse using TOR browser
Except the social websites (facebook, twitter.) you can access the remaining blocked websites. In social websites you have to save the cookies. So can’t access it. TOR browser is used to hide the online identity.

Use Decimal Code
We know the method to unblock the website by using IP address. Suppose the software is not accessed by using the IP address, we can use the decimal code. It is a simple method as same as the first method. When the IP address is displayed you have to convert it to decimal value.

Use Hola extension
Hola extension is a browser which is available in all browsers. It is used to surf internet more. You can download hola in the hola’s official website itself.

Use Wayback Machine
Wayback machine provides the copy of the websites once the websites have been started. You have to type the website URL and select the latest copy of wayback machine.

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