Saturday 15 February 2014

Download Angry birds for pc

Angry Birds
We all are well aware of the angry bird game and moreover most of the people were addicted for that game.The angry birds is a game which was developed by Ravio Mobile limited. This is initially made for the smart phones which work on android and ios operating systems in later days it was developed for other smart phone devices. This angry birds game has been recognized as the top developer application in the Google play store. The number of users who are downloading this game from various website is keeping on increasing day by day. In this article we will see how to download this game and how to install it in the computers or laptops.

Enjoy the angry birds game in your computer by following these simple steps.

First of all you should have theblue stacks application in the computer you are using. You are allowed to download it from the internet for free.

What is BlueStacks?

BlueStacks is a window installer that it used to run android application in the windows operating system. In this BlueStacks, you are allowed to install various android application and also BlueStacks acts as a app runner for the android applications. By using the BlueStacks, you were allowed to install and use the application as like in your android devices and also you can create an virtual environment in your personal computer as like an android device.

Installing and using Bluestacks:
v After finishing download of Bluestacks. Just make a double click on the bluestacks
v Then it will start installing in your computer automatically.
v Here you can sync your mobile app or game in PC by using cloud connect
v You can avail this option by hitting the settings on the right end.
v Once you click the cloud connect. Now make your registration by entering your email id and mobile number. Then a pin number will be provided to you through your mail. 
v Now get the bluestacks app in your android mobile and install it.
v Then open the app, here it will ask a pin (which is sent to your mail while you are registered), just enter that pin number.
v Then you can sync your game or app from your mobile in your PC.
· Now open the bluestacks and you will be seeing the screen shown below.

· Here hit the search icon and start searching angry birds as given below.

· Then by clicking the “install button” the game will be downloaded and installed in the bluestacks.

· Now you can find the game from “My apps” and starts playing it.

· Once you need to uninstall the game just make a click and hold it for some time. Then hit the cross mark.

Thus you have successfully installed the angry birds in your personal computer with the help of BlueStacks application and also if you have any other method other than this, you can definitely ping us through the comment box.

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