Monday 28 April 2014

Top 5 Data Storage or Cloud Storage Apps for Your Android Smartphone

Google Drive
Are you a person who always busy with works and bring collections of files with you every time, you moving on to someplace? Or do you want to carry all of your music collections with you in your android device? If you were saying yes to any of these questions, then you can use this following list of applications in your android device for better usability. You can use the cloud storage technology to improve the lifestyle of yours and also it reduces the amount of storage devices that you were using in your daily day to day life.

Here are the best applications that are shortlisted by the for more reliability; and the best applications are shortlisted below, 

1. Dropbox : Dropbox is the one of the widely used solution that has been used globally by millions of people. Each and every blogger should have this application with you and I would suggest everyone to use this application in their Smartphones. The valid reason behind this is that, Dropbox allows you to store your files in the cloud storage servers and helps you to retrieve the data anywhere and at anytime. With the free subscription, the Dropbox provides tons of free space in the cloud storage system that helps you to upload anything from your android mobile itself.

2. Box : Box is a similar application that allows the android users to share their data with the users who were in their contact list. This application is similar to Dropbox, but the main difference is that, by using the box, the data can be shared with their contacts and their contact data can viewed by you, if you share the data with you. Apart from this, Box is a wonderful application that can be used in android devices for using better cloud storage.

3. Sky Drive : Sky Drive is a Microsoft product that allows you to upload your data in the cloud storage system. Sky Drive is a better solution for the people who use both android and windows Smartphones. So that, they can sync their data from one device to another device without any sort if additional actions. Sky Drive is a fantastic cloud storage system that brings out similar features as other cloud storage system. But it provides speed as well as better accessibility while comparing to other cloud storages.

4. Google Drive: The Google Drive is a better solution for the Google users, Google Drive is an Online Cloud Storage that is maintained by Google Inc., and also you can merge your Google account with your Google Drive. Most of the android devices come with Google Drive application, and this makes you to upload anything on your account from your mobile phone.

5. Verizon Cloud Storage : Verizon Cloud Storage is another online cloud storage that helps other to keep track of their personal data with higher privacy and security. Verizon Cloud Storage can keep you data preserved even if your phone gets lost or the data in your device gets wiped on.

Revolutionary Contact Lens To See In The Dark

Contact Lens
Celebrate; because soon you will be able to see at night! Researchers have developed a revolutionary sensor that helps to make the visible infrared spectrum, while the human eye is unable to distinguish the color spectrum at night. Objects such as contact lenses may be equipped with it to identify the colors during night. Really it is a so promising innovation for mankind.

Infrared imaging is generally associated with cumbersome and impractical equipment. With Graphene, a very compact layer of carbon atoms, researchers from the University of Michigan have developed a much more accessible sensor only need to be at room temperature to operate. Zhaohui Zhong, an assistant professor said that they can make this item very end and it can be incorporated into a contact lens. Scientists have detected light by observing how the electric charges in the graphene impact when current circulating therein.

They placed an insulating barrier between two graphene sheets and found that the electrons released when the light touched the top sheet, still came in their way to the bottom. When the researchers measured changes in current between the top layer and the bottom layer, they were able to determine the intensity of the light flash which reached graphene.

They invented a new way of detecting light and they already envision that people will be able to adopt this mechanism in many devices. This sensor, smaller than a little finger nail, could offer many advantages in the scientific and military communities, in addition to its potential to the general public.

Google has already announced in January the development of an intelligent contact lens that could monitor the level of glucose in our blood. In February, Nokia has received a grant of 980 million Euros from the European Union in order to design a type of graphene proved to be the strongest material in the world that is 300 times more than steel.

This innovative technology can really please us. We are delighted to learn that the infrared sensors could advance medicine but also equip ourselves with night vision. We hope that contact lenses or other devices will soon be equipped with these sensors to go play outside after dark.

Sunday 27 April 2014

5 Best Free Best Utilities for Windows

Microsoft Security Essentials
Windows is the one of the most used operating system in the world, we all know this fact. But windows & is one of the best version of windows after the release of windows xp. It has loaded with tons of utilities and features that help one to perform his function very well. There are thousands of applications that can be installed in the windows operating system and also you can choose list of utilities from the windows websites. But there are few free utilities that bring you a wonderful experience in your windows operated personal computer.

In this post, Mono-live has brought you an excellent list of application that is available for totally free for your windows operating system. And the main thing is that, you can use them to improve the performance of your windows operating system. Here goes the list

Microsoft Security Essentials:

Microsoft Security Essentials is one of the renowned and best anti-virus applications for windows operating system that has developed by the Microsoft. Microsoft Security Essentials has the most powerful tool that protects your personal computer from various Trojans, viruses and worm. These acts as a preliminary protection for your personal computer and also protect your personal computer from various threads. While comparing to the other operating system, the windows operating system acts a best one for the virus protection in your personal computer.Microsoft Security Essentials is light weighted and it is very easy to use while comparing to the other software that are available in the market.


It is one of the best class utility software that should be present in each and every personal computer. This one brings out the various issues that are found in your personal computer to your knowledge. It can be used to repair your personal computer issues and also can be used for repairing the registry in the personal computer. It keeps your personal computer a clean one.


Rocket Dock is a freeware that can be downloaded from the internet for totally free of cost. Rocket Dock is mostly used for keeping all the shortcuts in a single dock in your screen, Rocket Dock is quite interesting and also that can be used for merging all the software shortcuts in a single dock itself.Rocket Dock is fully customizable and it can be used for several purposes that can be known by you, once you have installed it in your personal computer.

Wireless Network Meter:

This one is quite interesting utilities for the windows operating system. This application, allows you to monitor that data usages in your network and also you can use this to monitor the real time usage of your network.


This application is suitable for the portable devices such as laptops. This allows you to keep an eye on the battery that has been used in your laptop and also it provides an detailed report on how long the battery remains online.

I hope, you would have liked this list of utility software for your windows operating system.

Top 10 Precaution Tips To Open RAR Files in Mac

Most of the Mac users are well known about the fact that many formats are not supported in Mac. One among them is the “.rar” file. These files are the compressed otherwise zipped files whereas the user needs to decompress it in order to access the file present inside it. In apple devices if you try to make it down you will be failed. Here in this article we will discuss briefly about why apple devices are not supporting the “.rar” files. What are the major reasons for it?

Phishing rar 

The main reason for the not supporting of rar files in the apple devices is easily this can be infiltrated. It will not be secured and safe like the earlier WinZip files. So you should be aware of the phishing rar files. These file will ask you to check some specific website before you open it. And the corresponding website will ask you to sign up and once you did, then you will be screwed.

Malicious rar 

More or less this malicious rar is also similar to that of the phishing rars. But here we can’t directly mean it as a phish. It is the thing which may be a virus or malicious software or adware and etc. Here may be your online accounts will be hacked and take you to any kind of troubles regarding it.

Corrupted rar 

On the other side there are corrupted rars here is not necessary to be a virus or adware or a malware. Here the rar file will be shown as it can be perfectly works but in reality some of the significant file to open it will be missed from it and hence you cannot open it. Without that awareness many users are wasting their time in attempting to open such files.

Virus rar 

While we are comparing all the above reasons with this one it seems nothing on them. These are the files which are programmed to destroy the things whatever getting connects to them. It is difficult for you to identify the virus in a rar file. You can analysis it by, it will kept on asking you to unrar even you made it already for number of times.

Virus converters 

If you are going to download a rar converter for your apple devices, you need to be aware of those programs because many programs are particularly developed for destroying your Mac devices. These are the things which may contain some unwanted files that which are not supposed to remove from your system.

Broken rar 

It is also similar to that of the corrupted files but the difference is here you are advised fix the issue by clicking over the fix this file option but if you try it you will be failed because in reality the rar file will not be broken ever.


In practical the rar files are not taken into any main streams of the software technology. It is very easy for anybody to penetrate your systems if they know the computer basics and virus making technology. So it is very unstable to have it in your device.


Since this article begins we were discussing about the various risks about the rars. But here in the name of risk what I would like to say is this rars can simply corrupt your Mac systems what you have never expected. It makes you hate your computer and even the internet so be aware while you are handling these stuffs.

Waste of time 

Now you will know that, even trying to work with a rar file is itself totally a waste of time. Yes not only this, if you are tried in any of those unwanted things and made your system ruined you need to take it for a service by wasting your time and money.

Not supporting 

After looking the above stated reasons you have to decide that, this rar files are never supported in your Mac devises. Though you are trying hard in many ways to achieve it,

These are the top reasons that should be known to, why the rar files are not supporting in the apple devices. The best solution for you to use the rar file is just downloading the “rar converter for Mac” which is available in the apple app store.

Saturday 26 April 2014

Soon You Can Transfer Money Instead Of Likes With Facebook Bank

Facebook Bank
Facebook plans to launch a payment service in the coming weeks, reports the Financial Times. About this e-money service to buy goods and goods of Facebook users, but can also exchange money between Facebook users. Besides Likes and Share Facebook users may soon be able to remit via the social network payment and money.

An application should already have been made . The fact that Facebook Carrying its business is always looking for new ways to make money, is clear. According to a recent report, the Facebook network now wants to make them a kind of financial institution. For this reason, an appropriate bank license in Ireland, the European home country of the Group was requested.

As the Financial Times reported in its fee-based online issue, should this license application now apparently is nearing approval. The one wants to hear about several internal sources that are familiar with the process. So Mark Zuckerberg will soon be as a bank director! The payment and money transfer service is designed to enable Facebook users to transfer money to the Facebook account and then use it within Facebook on.

Thus, goods could be paid within Facebook via the e-money service. But even that transfer money to other Facebook users would thus be possible. So Facebook would compete with conventional banks in some way. If the current report proves correct, Facebook is expected to issue electronic money to its members shortly in the European Union.

For the Facebook Users, it would be possible to exchange a certain amount in a kind of Facebook - currency and then to trade with other members of the network. Even currently Facebook plays as money managers in some situations, for example, it handles the payments when buying a game on its own platform.

The company earns a commission. According to the latest report Facebook wants to aim with his step towards full-fledged payment service into emerging markets. What Facebook is planning with its new banking license will not be clear until an official announcement from its side is made. Until then all will be purely speculation.

It will be interesting how the world's largest social network will position itself in this regard against services like PayPal and others. This new payment service could be particularly interesting if money is to be transferred to other countries. Within the EU the Bank Transfer is simplified by IBAN implementation, but the money transfer to other countries is not as easily doable.

This could be the way on Facebook for more comfort and may also ensure that the money goes faster than before at the receiver. The main target market see Facebook but mainly developing countries and emerging markets, the newspaper quoted a person who is familiar with Facebook's strategic plans. Facebook itself did not want to comment further on the details.

So far, Facebook has not introduced such a payment function officially and shortly a Facebook event is scheduled.

Forget Plastic Bottles, Drink Water In A Bubble

Plastic invades our lives and pollute our planet. To curb this problem, a team of technology designers has developed a new way to drink water without using water bottles. Instead of using water bottles they used a very novel method.

The plastic bottle is removed and replaces it with a water bubble surrounded by ultra- thin edible membrane. How to do without plastic in our lives? This is a million dollar question and the scientists are working on it to find a solution. A team of three London based Designers have found a solution by completely reinventing the concept of the water bottle.

The three friends have created a new form and a new way of drinking water. Either drink it or eat it. The new idea is christened with a name Ooho. For this, they are using simple cooking methods such as molecular cooking and other processes such as spherification, a technique that consists in giving any food in the form of a sphere by freezing.

Here, water is surrounded by a thin membrane composed of edible brown algae and calcium chloride. Rodrigo García González detailed that the water is surrounded by double membrane and that double membrane provides hygienic protection within the membrane, and the manufacturer can put labels between the two layers without using any adhesive.

While the protective membrane is formed, the water is placed in a frozen state to give the spherical shape. Then simply apply the substance created it form the membrane.

The idea is to have an environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water which is both easy to handle (just buy the ingredients and equipment) and it is cheap because the cost is less than € 5, According to the designers. The idea behind Ooho is really interesting: replace water bottles by an edible bubble is really innovative!

Thursday 24 April 2014

Sensabubble; A new kind of tech bubble


Sensabubble 1
A Sensabubble is a soap bubble that briefly serves as a projection screen and after the burst that gives off a smell. The developers want to find out how smell can use to communicate information. As the name suggests, it is a bubble, more specifically a soap bubble at the center, which serves as an information carrier. It is filled with steam, so that it is opaque and thus it works as a good projection screen.

The user can look at it, and he can also grab it and bring it to burst. Then which will gives off a scent after it burst. To work out the system, the researchers at the University of Bristol have made this bubble generator, a Kinect and a projector. The bubble generator consists of a hopper with a blower at the large opening. Through a small opening steam can be filled with inside the bubble, which may be mixed with a fragrance, is blown into the hopper.

The front opening is pulled through a basin with soapy water, from which the vapor-filled bubbles are generated - they can be small, medium or large according to the need. The bubbles are hovering in space; they are controlled by the Kinect. It passes in front of the projector, There they are utilized as a projection screen and then it is set to glow with different colors or projected letters or icons on it . The chrono sensory aspect of Sensabubble lies in the fact that the information presented will live for a short time and is multimodal.

First, let the bubble can be used as a screen but only for a short time. Once they burst, they pour out an odor that spread slowly, for a longer perceptible trace of the event that leave the researchers write to Sriram Subramanian in an essay. According to Subramanian, an expert on human machine interaction, the human sense of smell is powerful, but there are few research systems that are looking for ways to use it. And we have to figure out first steps undertaken, as the smell can improve a visual object like a soap bubble, and how he can stay longer in it.

They searched for new ways to display information on other surfaces and to a different way Subramanian told the BBC. They experimented to create new and exciting experiences for users think of the laptop or Smartphone. For example; there is an app for calculating learning, to be placed on the screen of a mobile device in the bubbles to burst.

Sensabubble could bring it into reality and the children hunted bubbles, would be projected at the numbers, says Subramanian. Even for the advertising itself Sensabubble may help. A baker about could fill the bubbles with the smell of fresh pastries to attract customers. Subramanian and his colleagues want to present Sensabubble at the Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI). Hosted by the computer science society Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) CHI will take place from April 26 to May 1 in Toronto.

How to Send Email with Password Protection

Email with Password Protection
Security and privacy in internet is becoming harder due to some of the cyber laws of the government. Though some of the companies are saying that they are providing complete privacy to its users are also happened to bend for the cyber laws.Even some of the email providers are tracking the emails of its users to attach some ads to it. So now we are subject to make more security of our emails and some tools are available online for helping to send encrypted email.Before discussing about those tools we need to see these basic terms which are often used here.

Public key:

This one is used for encrypting the data or message. You can able share this public key with anyone.

Private Key:

This key is used for decrypting the encrypted message. This key must be kept secret. Hence this key is just like your password for accessing the message.

Mailvelope Tool:
Ø Mailvelope is the best encryptingemail service tool, which can be used anywhere and secure your emails from others.

Ø Mailvelope will works on all three major email providers which are Gmail,Yahoo mail and OutLook.

Ø Hence Mailvelope is an open source tool so anybody can contribute to it. Mailvelope used Open PGP encryption to secure your emails.

The user interface of mailvelope is very simple and a great one. Sending an encrypted mail using mailvelope is very easy so that anyone can use it properly. And the good feature of mailvelope is the text or message encrypted in your received mail will not be copied. The user interface of mailvelope will directly integrate in to the web browsers

Download Mailvelope:

Mailvelope is available as chrome extension and you can get it from the internet. And for Firefox still it is in testing stage. It is also available on gitHub download as an addon. You can try it


It is web based email service to encrypting the data. SendInc using 256bit encrypting code to secure your emails. This encryption is normally used by the E-Commerce and banking websites. In the web based email encrypting service your message will initially encrypted with the 256bit encryption and it will sent to the SendInc data centre and the fact, SendInc even can’t access your message on the servers once it is encrypted. SendInc will generate the encryption key and it is send to the recipients as a link in the emailing list. When that specific link is clicked it will be redirected to the other page. Where they are allowed to enter the password and decrypt the email to read the message.

SendInc allows you to encrypt the files which are attached to your email. In the basic you will be able to get the encryption up to 10 MB for the attachments. In case if you need to encrypt huge size of data you will be asked to get a paid plan from SendInc

Tips to increase Windows 7 Performance and speed up your PC

Windows 7
When the day passes on, the speed of the machine goes slow and which results in slow in performance of the machine. This also applies for the windows operating system, the speed of the system will go unbearably slow and this will make you feel uncomfortable for working in your personal computer. In this post, has provided few simple tips about how to increase the performance of the windows 7 operating system.

Tip 1: Disable the unnecessary services: Microsoft has several built-in services that have been running without your knowledge and also this makes the system to perform well. If you install any software in your personal computer, then it will gradually decrease the speed of the operating system. Sometimes, the windows operating system will improve the speed of the windows operating system. But the number of system services increases; it will decrease the performance of the personal computer. In such cases, you can modify or disable the services that are running in the personal computer. Once you have disable the system services, then you can see the changes in the speed of your windows 7 PC.

Tip 2: Keep an Eye on Power Settings for better performance: In some cases, power supply plays an important role in the performance of the personal computer. Always choose the power supply option in high performance in the windows 7 personal computer. Suppose, if you were using the personal computer for less performance, you can use the power saver option. In order to change the power plans in your windows 7 personal computer, go to Control Panel -> Power options and then you can choose your plan settings for more performance.

Tip 3: Decrease the number of Startup Items in your Windows 7 Personal Computer: The startup programs play an important role in the performance of the operating system. If the number of programs in the operating system is more, then the performance of the windows 7 personal computer will become very slow. You can monitor the activity of the personal computer and also you can remove the various startup programs in the personal computer by typing MS config. in the run command; it will open a menu box that shows all information about the number of services and startup menu in the windows 7 operating system.

Tip 4: Remove Viruses and Spyware from the System:
The number of viruses program that are available in the personal computer will reduce the performance of the PC. Install the anti-malware program in your windows 7 personal computer and it will reduce the number of malware that are found in the windows 7 personal computer. Mostly I used to install the Microsoft Security Essentials in the windows 7 personal computer; it is more powerful while compared to the other anti-virus software that is found in the market.

Top 10 Recording Software for Mac to Record Videos and Music

quick time player
Nowadays Video blogging is the recent trend. This is all because of YouTube only. When you do recording videos and audios, surely you wish to have recognition by posting it in blogs, websites etc. using some internet tools. Likewise Mac has so many software’s to do the same thing. And I have listed the top 10 recording software’s for Mac.

1. QuickTime software
Quick time software is the free software. Quick time software is a default one. It doesn’t have any issues. When it is coupled with video editing software, you can do beautiful videos without spending money. When you know the essential programs that are used to run the video, you can become popular, by posting videos on online. You can even earn through it.

2. Twisted Wave software
Twisted wave is the wonderful audio recording software. The price is about 80$. In terms of recording audios, it will work as same as Screen flow. It allows you to record multilayered audio track, you can edit those multilayer track also. Hence it creates the best and perfect songs by working perfectly.

3. Screen Flow software
Screen flow software is used by the professional recorders, since it is a perfect app. It is an expensive one too. It costs about 100 $. It has the ability to boost up the quality of the recorded audio and the recorded video concurrently. Finally Screen flow software is worth to spend so much of the money...

4. Garage band software
Garage band is free software. It is bundled with the Mac OS x as a default app. It is partial professional program which can be used for the moderate musician of the Mac. It has enough features to change the track that you have recorded. You can easily create the podcasts in this program. Time limited is not there.

5. IShowU HD software
IShowU HD software is free software. But it imposes the watermark on the recorded video. It is the main drawback of this software. The watermark has been displayed with the content of “iShowU HD”. If it is not at all a problem for you, it is really good software. You can record your videos for games also. It does its work extremely well. It can offer you demos which were unlimited.

6. Copernicus software
Copernicus software is the free software. Once the button is clicked, it can able to capture and record the videos. The major drawback is that it doesn’t have audio. So automatically in certain cases, it limits the videos. And more it is suitable only for tutorials like that only.

7. Captureit software
Captureit software is not free software. It offers the perfect video by its own features. It boosts the layout, in order to make the perfect video. If you want clips from games, you can use this software. Hence for video bloggers, it is an exceptional choice. If you have microphone, it is easy to make tutorial videos also using this Captureit software.

8. Krut software
Krut software has the features to control the internet. When you capture an image, it will give you in FLV/AVI format, which is used in internet commonly. It is also used for making stream constant videos by using keyboard and hot key and not even impose the cursor on the screen. If you want a single portion of the video, it can able to edit it.

9. Audacity software
Audacity is the prodigious software for the Mac users. It looks like to be in rough and simple. There are so much of styles of record. But the quality is good because it contains lots of filters. If you want to clear the particular track only means, it will help you to clean.

10. Jing by TechSmith software
It has a very unique features compared to others. It can be used in any operating systems since it is cross platform software. It has special features like addition text box in order to add the subtitles. It possesses the direct link for the Screencast, twitter and Flicker. It proves the social aspect of the software.

Wednesday 23 April 2014

Android Apps to turn your Smartphone into Mirror

Android is one of the emerging operating system and that minimizes all technologies into palm in the name of Smartphones. Android makes the users to make life easier and much better and android operating system provides a best platform that serves you with millions of applications that are available in the market. In this post, has made a wonderful list of application that makes your phone into an exciting mirror and here it goes; Here are the best applications that will make your phone into an exciting mirror;

Your Mirror HD: 

Your Mirror HD is one of the best and simplest application that uses your from camera in your android smartphone or in your android device. By using Your Mirror HD, you can also try several frames and magazines front cover in the android device. Even you can zoom in and zoom out using your mobile camera, this provides you a fantastic look for your smartphone. This application has wave lock feature that keeps the screen of the device online while using this application.

Mirror Application By mmapps mobile: 

Mirror Application By mmapps mobile is the one of the top downloaded application in the Google Play store, and this application is totally rocking. The developer has designed in such a way that the application looks fantastic with the user interface for the Mirror Application By mmapps mobile. You can easily control and monitor the screen brightness and also it has zoom out and zoom in feature. Mirror Application By mmapps mobile shows better clarity in the image and it also provides a wonderful visibility of the images in the smartphone.You can hide the screen controls of your mobile and turns your mobile as a real mirror.

Mirror by SA Studio:

Mirror by SA Studio is another leading application that is used for changing your android smartphone into a solid mirror. This application has been downloaded more than 2 million times in the Google Play store and it is one of the most used applications in the android market. This Mirror by SA Studio application can be used with or without the front camera. You can even save the mirror image in your smartphone storage and even you can share them over Facebook via Social Share option in the Mirror by SA Studio.

Mirror (Night Light Mode): 

Mirror (Night Light Mode) is one of the mirror applications that are available in the internet or in the Google Play Store. This application is available in more than 50 languages and has brilliant interface that allows you to pause the motion at any time. It has more options that allow you to use night mode or day mode and so on, depending upon your wish you can use them in your Smartphone.

Mirror- Zoom and Exposure: 

This is another excellent application that brings you a better and simple interface that enhances the dull images in a darker area by providing backlight feature. This is very simple, elegant and simpler to use.

Tuesday 22 April 2014

5 Useful Chrome Extensions for Google+

Google Chrome
Social media is playing a vital role in the every field in this world; you can get anything from the social media. Google Plus has been actively increasing its role in all kinds of fields in this world. For instance, consider a business; it has several things that should be done several things in the social media.

Like, creating a fan page in the internet will increase the audience among the users in the internet. In such cases, Google Plus is increasingly concentrating in developing huge audiences among the people. Google Plus has been constantly launching several applications and schemes which make you to increase your online audience in the cyberspace.

Google Plus makes you to use several features in the internet and also releases several applications in the internet that increases the comfort of the users. Several tools are developed in the meantime in the Google Plus, to improve the usability of the users.

There are several application, which makes you to improve the audience in the social media, and also makes you to improve the level of audiences in your website. This also let you to make the people to like your pages and also likes your latest products over the social media. Here is the list of articles that can be used to improve the audiences in the Google+ with the latest Chrome Extensions.

G+ Count in Title: The G+ Count in the Title allows you to get a notification count in the tab of the Google+, and also you will be automatically get notified, when you were getting a g+ in your Page or in your post. You can easily have a glance of number of post that is present in your Google+ Page Tab. This Plugin is very simple and Unique provides you a better option to provide +1 Option in the Google Plus. You can easily select sharing option by pressing the s button in the keyboard.

G+ Extended: This Plugin adds a Shortcut for your Google Plus posts, this extension for the chrome browser is very simple and unique. You can easily get notification for that using the G+ Extended Plugin in your Browser.

Helper For Google+ : This extension allows you to get notifications in a single click, and also this helps you to share the selected contents in your Twitter account. You will get notifications in your desktop and also you can choose various options such as Audio notifications and so on. You can even translate the useful contents in the Google Plus website.

+Comment Toggle: This extension allows you to hide various levels of comments in your Google Plus page and also when the server is too busy, you can save time very easily using this extension.

Extended Share For Google+: This application will allow you to share your content that are found in the Google Plus, in the other networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networks. Thus various Google Plus extensions for Chrome Browser has been discussed in the above post, if you have any other, then do comment in the comment box below.

Wednesday 16 April 2014

How to Speed up the Google Chrome

This might be a wonderful information for you that how to speed up your Google Chrome Browser, that you can easily do without doing any extra things. By simply doing few things, you can easily improve the speed of your browser and you can enjoy the full browsing speed with your Google Chrome Browser. We all know Google Chrome Browser is owned by Google Corporation and in the meanwhile, you can experience the best browsing with the Google Chrome Browser.

The most of the people would have felt that their browsing speed has been reduced. This let them to feel bad and also with these few simple steps, you can easily improve the browsing speed of the Google Chrome Browser. In this post, has provided little information that allows you to improve the speed of your browser.

1. Disable the Plugins: Google Chrome Browser has provided various plugins that allows you to improve the user usability. But in turn, it will reduce the speed of the browser. Generally Google Chrome Browser has several built in Plugins that are installed predefined. For example, various plugins for java, Silverlight and so on. But most of those plugins are remain unused; in such a case you can improve the speed of the browser by disabling the plugins in the Google Chrome Browser. This will solidly improve the browsing speed of the system. Before disabling the plugins, you should view the use of the plugins and after that disable the plugins for better performance.

2. Clear the Browsing Data: Browsing data are the data which are similar to cache memory that helps you access the websites through stored cookies.Cache memories are stored in the database of your system which allows you to store the history of the website that is visited by you. By clearing the browsing data, the speed of the internet connection can be improved.

3. Disable Extensions: These are the Small programs on the Google Chrome Browser, which is available in the Google Chrome Web store and these small programs adds an extra features to the Google Chrome Browser. These extensions are very useful, but if the number of the extensions increases then it would ends up in slower browsing speed of the personal computer. You can even disable this plugin to improve the browsing speed of your Google Chrome Browser without uninstalling the extensions from the Google Chrome Browser. Even you can found some of the extension in the tool bar of your Google Chrome Browser, you can simply right click those extensions and you can simple uninstall or disable them in a click. And also you can visit the settings menu and then tools and then click on Extensions to enter into the extension menu for the Google Chrome Browser. You can uninstall the program which is not necessary for you and also you can disable temporarily for improve the speed of the browser.

If you follow these three simple steps, you can see the changes in the speed of the internet connection.

Best 5 Android Apps to Make Free Calls

In internet there are some online services for making calls. If you call your buddies at free of cost, you will be very happy. Right? Then this article is right for you all. You can make calls now at free of cost. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows you to have contact with your loved ones and buddies all over the world without any cost. In this post, has provided the best 5 android application to make free calls in your android application and here it goes;

1. Skype App

In earlier Skype cannot be used by all the platform users. So they developed further more. And now we can use Skype in all platform mobiles. It offers instant messaging service, voice call, video call service, photo sharing service and video messaging service.

2. Google Hangouts App

After the release ofGoogle talk, Google introduced the Google hangouts which optimizes in all mobiles. Hangout allows chatting one to one or group chat, photo sharing, video calls etc. it can be used in iOS devices, Android Devices and windows phones. You can make video calls at a time with your 10 friends. You can also find the peoples who are in hangouts. It is represented in green and grey color. Green represents the people who all are in hangouts. And grey represents the people who all not in hangouts.

3. Yahoo! Messenger App

Yahoo Messenger application is the best application to make a video call. It is a cross platform application. And it works in all platforms. You can do chatting with your windows live and Facebook friends. It offers messaging service to the mobile numbers for both local and international at free of cost.

4. Tango App

Tango application allows you to connect with your buddies & families or you can make new friends. You are allowed to make the video calls and voice calls. You can send text messages and play games. Everything at free of cost. It can be considered as a social networking application. Because it provides the service to communicate and interact with so many friends as many you want. This app became very popular at very short period of time. Once you created the account, next second the app will show the friends using the app. It can be used in various platforms. You are able to do a group chat up to 50 members. You can do chat with animated and fun icons. You can share your photos too.

5. ooVoo Video Call App

OoVoo application introduced multi-stream video calling, which means you can do video call at a time with 12 members. All over the world 75 million users are there. This application has self-capability of adjusting the video call according with your speed. So you can continue your conversation without any intervention. You are able to set your video status messages. And also you can set speed dial for your 5 best friends. This application allows you to see the friend’s profile.

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Google Snaps Off Titan Aerospace From Facebook

Google Drone
Google has take over the company Titan Aerospace, which develops the drone to bring Internet access to remote areas. Actually Facebook is supposed to be bought the Titan aero space, which also had interest in the similar area.

Titanium Aerospace manufactures drones, which are powered by solar energy, can stay for five years in the air and fly at high altitude. The company has now taken over for an unknown price by Google. It has about 20 employees and is intended to remain in New Mexico, according to the Wall Street Journal reports.

Titanium Aerospace developed two unmanned aircraft to supply Internet and connecting larger areas. The smaller Solara 50 has a wingspan of 50 meters. An Airbus A320 has a wingspan of 34.10 meters. The large wing area is equipped with solar cells that are to win the necessary operating power for the aircraft.

At first it looked as if Google set for the Internet supply of remote areas on weather balloons, while Facebook is more interested in high-flying drones. But now Google seems to delight even for the technology. The Titan acquired by Google Aerospace builds drones. Industry rumored Facebook was also interested in the company.

Both the weather balloons and the flying drones are going to replace satellites and float in the upper atmosphere and staying relatively longer period. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the team of Titanium Aerospace will now work on Google's weather balloon hotspot Project Loon. The balloons are designed as floating Wi-Fi hotspots to bring the Internet into inaccessible regions of the world.

They are to be used at an altitude of 20 kilometers, where the wind speeds are relatively moderate. A balloon can provide an area with a diameter of about 40 kilometers. The balloons are powered by solar cells. Google had also taken over the past year with Makani a company that builds a flying wind turbine to generate electricity.

Airborne Wind Turbine (AWT) is called Makani and it was taken over by Google himself earlier. This is an unmanned aerial vehicle, on which several wind turbines are mounted. The aircraft is similar to a kite; it is attached to a cable on the ground on which it is held in the air.

The advantage is that the wind is blowing steadily at a higher altitude. Facebook had taken with Ascenta a company that developed an unmanned solar-powered aircraft. The team worked some with even at QinetiQ.

The company developed the Zephyr aircraft, which is already in use for several years and a wingspan of almost 23 meters, has a weight of only 50 kilograms. In 2008, the solar plane managed an unofficial drone world record when it was in the air over 82 hours. 2010 was the QinetiQ Zephyr for two weeks circling over the southwestern United States.

Oracle Going To Check 30 Vulnerabilities In Java

Java Update
Four weeks after the release of Java 8; the first patches are available to check the vulnerabilities and this time there are more security threats blocked. There are around 37 gaps, it the highest danger level encountered by Oracle. Today, on April 15, 2014 will publish extensive patches for Java Oracle.

In the software, which was recently published in Issue 8, there are four more across the supported versions, 37 holes, 35 of which can be used from a distance. Oracle classifies all vulnerabilities in its software on a scale of 1 to 10, at least one of Java vulnerabilities carries the highest risk level of 10 in the scale. Oracle does not specify; How many out of the 37 errors are so serious.

The patches appear for "Java Platform and Standard Edition”, just Java SE, in the versions 5.0u61, 6u71, 7u51 and 8 similarly, there are updates for Java SE Embedded, JRockit and JavaFX. In each of the packages, one of the 37 gaps stuck, more precisely, Oracle has not been described about the errors in detail. However, the company indicated generally the update as critical. Many other Oracle products, the company updated with the upcoming patch day.

So there are 2 patches for the database server, but the resulting closed gaps cannot be exploited remotely it seems. There are about 13 gaps in the Oracle Fusion customer’s side but that is the case, there are a total of 20 patches for this software.

Also in Oracle MySQL insert 14 security bugs, two of which could be used remotely. In this case, however, the risk level is less it seems, unlike the previous Java 6.5.

Further updates are available for the Sun Systems Products Suite, Siebel CRM, Hyperion and PeopleSoft. A summary of all patches listed in Oracle to the exact nature of the error but there are no security advisories.

How to Create a Hidden files in Android

We all know that, the android technology is becoming a greater one while comparing to other operating system such as iOS, Windows and so on. Since Android is an open source operating system. People use to love it due to the millions of applications and tons of enchanting features in the Android Operating system. In this post, has brought you best information that gives a detailed report on how to create a hidden file in your android operating system. But providing privacy is one of the main issues that are mainly found over the android operating system. By using third party applications only, we can hide the certain files in the android operating system. In this post, I have provided a manual way to hide the files that are found in the android operating system.

In order to hide files in the android operating system, you need to create a file folder caller HIDDEN. From your file explorer, create a folder called HIDDEN. If you don’t have a file explorer in your android device, download it from the Google Play Store. I would suggest you to download ES File Explorer from the Google Play store. Using the downloaded file explorer, create a folder.

Now copy the files which you want to hide from others and move it to the folder which has been created by you. Now open the folder using the file explorer, then click on rename button. Now place a DOT (.) in front of the folder name. That’s all, no application like video player or image explorer cannot open the files which are inside the HIDDEN folder. Suppose, if you want to access the files which are present in the folder, then remove the DOT (.) which is provided in front of the folder name in the file explorer.

There is one more method to hide the files from the gallery in your android operating system. Open the Notepad on your computer and then it’s time to create an empty file from your computer. Now rename the empty file as .nomedia. While saving the file, do not forget to select the files which are to be saved in the notepad file. Then using USB connection, copy all the files which are to be hide into the HIDDEN folder and also copy the .nomedia file in the HIDDEN folder.

If you were feeling too bad while doing these actions from your computer, then you can use apps that are available in the Google Play Store.

You can use this following application for hiding files in your android operating system.
1. Hide it Pro: Premium version that allows you to hide the files in the android device.
2. Hide Pictures in Vaulty: This application allows you to store the files in the vault and you can protect it by providing password in the application.

If you were using this technique, you can hide your files in the android operating system. Stay tuned for more information on

5 Best Photo Editing Software

Almost every people love to edit their photos. But we people know the one and only image editing software is Picasa. Else we use Photoshop. Apart from that there are advanced image editors are there to edit your photos with more beautiful and wonderful options. Now you can make your photo incredible. I have listed the top 5 free image editing software’s which is available in the internet. Though they are best, they are easy to use. Actually it is not at all a difficult task.

PAINT.NET Software is a free photo editing software which is best in the market. You can download the full version at free of cost. But it will run on windows only. comprises of drawing shapes that includes splines and Bezier curves. You can pick up a tool quickly whatever you want which is a simple task. Users are able to edit the image very soon using this software. In this software, we can do all kinds of editing.


Photoscape is a free software which is the only image editor software downloaded by most of the people in the web. Photoscape is a fun image editor. You can download the full version of the software at free of cost from web. By default, there is an edit application. Using that app your image can be edited or enhanced or animated or combined. And you can print your image quickly without any difficulty. In the viewer option you can set the photos to be displayed in slideshow or any other. The editing option includes resize, adjusting brightness and white balance correction etc.

GIMP Software

GIMP is a free image editing software which is best also. It is similar to the Adobe Photoshop. Because the features found in these are same with the Photoshop. So it is easy for beginners to use GIMP. It almost works in all operating systems and in so many languages. It is used for the simple tasks only such as image retouch, image composition and author of the image. It has complex layers also like layer and effect.


Irfan View is the most famous image editor and viewer. It allowsthe user to edit the photograph and enhance the photograph. Using this you can edit and share your photos. Everything is free of cost. Your images can be edited, viewed, converted to image files or to play as a video files. It has some unique features also. Some of them are listed below.
  • smaller in size
  • faster in speed
  • easy to use
  •  able to handle the variety of graphic file formats
  • image creator
  • paint capability
PHOTO POS Software

Photo Pos Pro is software that can be used on your PC easily. It is a free photo editing software. It has some features in advance and smartly designed user interface. It makes you to work with full involvement. It has the helper desk which will be very useful for beginners. It has a powerful tool for image and graphics.

How to Backup Drivers in Windows

This is one of the biggest issues for most of the laptop users, especially for teenagers. Without making any sort preliminary steps, people use to format their original Operating system which is coming along with the laptops. And which results in formatting the operating system with all drivers that are given along with your laptops.

This is even worse, if there is no driver disc is provided along with your laptop. This will cause a major problem for the people who cannot find drivers for their laptop. When you were formatting a drive, all the data along with important files are swiped and cleaned out. The default drivers that comes with the laptop are also went away with this formatting action.

When you were reinstalling your operating system, it won’t install any driver software for your laptop. As a resultant, you have to surf various websites in the internet for the drivers for your laptop. In this post, has made few tips to backup your windows drivers before formatting the windows operating system.

Once I have bought a laptop which doesn’t come with any driver disc. This makes me to think according to the issues and finally I found an application in the internet which is named as DriverMax.

This software can be installed in the windows operating system and all the necessary drivers that are found in the system will be backup and stored with the help of this software. This software makes me to feel better, since there is no external driver is provided for the laptop so I can’t install the drivers manually.

So you can easily back up the drivers that are found in your windows operating system and you can use them for future use by simply burning them in a DVD Disc.

The first and foremost step that you need to do is that, find and download the DriverMax software in your windows operating system. Once you have successfully downloaded this application, you can install it in your personal laptop or computer using the installation wizard. This will let the software to be installed in your windows operating system laptop or personal home computers.

While installing, the software will ask your permission to back up the drivers that are present in your personal computer or laptop. Then it will automatically detect all the drivers that has been installed in your personal home computer or laptop. Once the process of indexing has been successfully completed, you need to proceed to the next button. In the nest screen, it will sort out the list of drivers that has been found in the laptop / personal home computer.

If you want any details about the drivers, then you can select the drivers, it will automatically display all the information regarding the driver that has been selected by you. Once the process of back up has been completed, you can burn the files in a DVD disc for future use. For restoring, you can choose the restore option in the same DriverMax software.

How To Recover Passwords For The Pdf Files


We all used to read various kinds of journals and magazines online, but the main issues is that; they will come in only PDF formats mostly. Some of the files might have encrypted using some sort of passwords and also you will be allowed to read the files if and only if you have entered the correct password.

In this case, we can recover the files using the PDF recovery software from which you can easily decrypt the password that has been given by the provider. By using these kinds of applications, you can easily hack the pdf password. But this will take certain amount of time to crack the password in a ordinary configured personal computer.

By providing the password in a PDF file, one can prevent others from opening, coping or editing the PDF files without providing the prior password for the respective file. Mostly, the PDF recovery software are designed for high speed processors that allows us to work more faster. Basically, providing password will encrypt the files that are present in the system. By recovering the PDF files, the decrypted files will be decrypted. But this will take certain amount of time to decrypt the password that has been protected the PDF files.

The PDF password remover tool is also called as PDF password cracker which allows you to reset or remove the password that has been given in the PDF files. And also some program cans byepass the security that has been found in the PDF file.

In this post, has provided few best tools that allow you to crack the passwords in the PDF files. And here they goes;


PDF Crack is one of the best tool that allows to crack the password that are provided in the PDF file and also it is one of the best recovery software that is available in the market. This application is considered as one of the best tool for recovering the password, since this application recovers both the user password and also the administrator password for a PDF file. It cracks the file which has 128 bit encryption technique. It provides a best way to byepass the encrypted files, and also it works more than an ordinary PDF cracker while comparing other PDFfiles cracker.


PDF files can be cracked through this application and also it is combined with both PDF password recovery tool and also PDF file password removal tool. This application is very easy to use and anyone can use this application without learning any simple stuff, and it acts as a PDF password removal tool and also it cracks passwords upto 40 bit encryption technique. This comes with both 32 bit and in 64 bit too, anyone can use this application to crack the PDF password in an easy way.

Top 10 Burning Software for Mac

In Mac, you can burn the audios, videos on DVD by using the burning software. In addition to this, burning software offers some useful features too. If you want to share any music files, pictures, to back up files, you can use burning software.

1. Toast 11 Titanium software
Toast 11 Titanium software is the best burning program for Mac. Though it is expensive software, it has awesome features. It costs about 79.99$. Regardless of burning data’s it also used to copy the files. It will help you to publish the videos on Facebook, YouTube like social networking websites. If you have an internet connection, copy the files like music, video is very easy. It can help you to save the converted files in various formats.

2. Express Burn software
Express burn software has both free and paid versions. For noncommercial use, use the free version. You just need to drag and drop the files need to be burn. Even a Blu-Ray print can be burnt. It can able to burn mp3, wav and AAC formats. Track volume is normalized. It supports almost all the formats to be burnt. Copying of the one disk content to another is also possible.

3. LiquidCD software
LiquidCD software is free software. The process done here is very simple. Simply you need to drag and drop the files that are to be burnt. It will get sorted automatically based on the alphabets. It made to search the files easier. You can erase the files also. it is possible in this program. When you download the software, install the latest version. Because of the bugs in the earlier version are resolved in the latest version.

4. BurnAgain FS software

BurnAgain FS software costs about 22$. But it is worth to pay that money. It has those much useful features. Once you burn the files to the CD or DVD, it is not easy to edit or rewrite the files. But this issue is overcome in BurnAgain FS software. There is no need to use any further software to do convert or other things. This software itself does that kind of stuffs.

5. SimplyBurns software
SimplyBurns software is free software. It burns data and audio files. Rip and copy of the disc is also possible here. ISO9660, UDF, Joliet and HFS+ are the file systems are supported in this software.

6. Popcorn software
Popcorn software costs about 49.99$. It will copy and burn the content to the disc. You can convert the video formats as you want. Using the extract feature of the Popcorn, you save the specific part of the music.

7. BurnX Free software
BurnX software is free software. It is simple software. If you burn the disc at first time, it is not a difficult task. You just need to do drag and drop files that you want to burn which includes music, video etc. If you want to remove the content from the CD/DVD is also possible using this software.

8. Disco software
Disco software is used for the effective burning of the files. The rewritten files also can be deleted using this software. It has additional features too. For example, if you want to burn the large file which is exceeded the size of the disc, the Disco software will divide the files and it will intimate you how many discs are needed.

9. Burn software
Burn software is free software. It does the same process only like other softwaredoes. If you want to copy the content only in the disc, burn software will do it automatically. According to the device, you can select the data format too. If the audio files are not supported by the device, it can convert to the compatible format.

10. Disc Burner software
Disc burner software is invented by Centromedia, which is simple software. And it is easy to use. It is available in free of cost. You can do the background process, while the files are burning into the disc.
Procedure for burning:

v Install the Disc burner
v Insert the blank CD/DVD
v Unveil the Disc burner
v Select the directory file that you want to burn
v Finally select burn CD

Online IT Network Administration Classes

Many are asking: what can online IT network courses do for my career?

Computer Network administrators are assigned the task of IT management, systems monitoring and maintenance of network infrastructure in organizations. The fact that online IT network classes prepare network administration professionals in the environment where they will also be spending the majority of their time is the result of the shift to Web-based operating systems and applications.

Online IT network courses are the first step to becoming a network administrator. Courses designed to prepare network administration students with the necessary foundation to compete in the sector are also critical to the furtherance of their future as professionals. Continuing education is an essential element to the role of network administrator, as well as to the range of roles that an IT specialist may occupy.

Network administrators are often employed as network architects, developers, engineers and Web-administrators. Analysts and web designer roles present even more opportunity.
The vast transformation in IT technologies has been accompanied by rapid change in application of innovation.

IT professionals must certify in a number of new programmer and administrator related products and partnerships in order to sustain their competitive advantage as professionals. Continuing education is key in this regard, as it allows IT specialists to gain new knowledge and apply it in their work setting.

Training ‘Up’
Undergraduate courses preparing college students for a future in IT network administration offer comprehensive training in network systems. Network administration programs generally require students to take courses in architectures, security and wireless configurations, as well as programming and support.

Client operating systems were previously a major basis to all other scholarship in IT computer science programs, yet since the introduction of Web-based infrastructure, cloud computing and software application as system the focus has once again, changed.

Professionals working in the IT field also suggest that training in data collection and statistical analysis classes will give a network administration professional a leg up, adding to the number of viable roles on the job market.

The more transferable and specialized an IT professional is the more likely they are to command the best jobs at the highest pay. It is elementary. Companies recruit high skill candidates over those more moderately skilled.

A degree in IT network administration must now include training in enterprise systems and cloud computing. Emergent technologies are like emerging markets, however, and it is important to have a competitive strategy that also anchors your entry into the workforce with enough staying power to not be substituted by another candidate. Students researching degree and certification programs will find that institutions vary in terms of incorporation of emerging technologies.

The Stats
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) outlines reporting on the current state of employment in the network administration field. IT roles outperform roles in other sectors in both demand and in compensation. The key to entry in the IT field is an earned degree from an accredited college or university in computer science, information systems, or related field.

The BLS offers that most employers seeking IT professionals now require an exceptional level training, including competency in complex networking concepts. Applied mathematics are also cited as a key qualification, even if not always offered as required breadth in a computer science degree or certificate program. Network administration professionals may also go on to Masters or PhD programs.

Information security is a growing field. Many of these roles require government clearance. Certifications from government partners is quite common. Additional training with government vendors may be required.