Friday, 11 April 2014

How to Use 3D Tabs in the FireFox Browser

Firefox lets to experience the world of 3D browsing using a plug-in named FoxTab. FoxTab helps you to actualize your fantasy for a 3D browser. It gives the eye a visually pleasing environment to work on. It is a tab management add-on for the Mozilla Firefox browser. With this add-on integrated in your browser you can easily flip between open tabs by a simple key stroke or a mouse gesture. It provides the user with a pleasing 3D thumbnail view layout.

We know that the web is ever changing into an application environment where many tabs are opened and accessed concurrently; the fastest way to switch between tabs would be the ability to visually recognize them. It saves time, effort and thereby increases efficiency of doing the work. With FoxTab, Firefox has introduced the most innovative and attractive way to switch between tabs which is unique to this browser. It further provides advanced options of grouping and filtering pages by their URL.

Using FoxTab :

To launch the FoxTab, you need to click on the icon of FoxTab in the toolbar of your browser. The other option available is to hit Ctrl + tab keys. To flip in the backward direction, one can use Ctrl+Shift+tab keys.
After clicking on the icon, you will be directed to the FoxTab interactive mode. This mode lets you set the theme and layout of the FoxTab.

Top sites :

For accessing the top sites, open FoxTab and select the Top sites option from the top bar. The concerned thumbnail will open the correct webpage and middle click will direct the same webpage in a new tab.
To add new pages to your top sites, right click on the page and select the option to add it to your top sites. You can also do the same with Add on top sites option available as a toolbar option.

If you want to set top site as your default page, select tools -> Add-ons ->FoxTab -> General -> New Tab Page, and select Top Sites. This will set top sites as your default page.

Opened tabs:
To switch between opened tabs, you need to select the open tabs options from the top bar. The particular thumbnail will help you focus on the given site. Navigation can be done using arrow keys, page up, page down, shift+tab and scrolling with mouse.

Recently closed tabs:
Recently closed tabs are ordered in the way they are closed. This option can also be selected from the top bar. This helps you to reopen the previously loaded pages.

The other mode which is available in the FoxTab is the flip mode. This is done by accessing the FoxTab with Ctrl+tab combination. It helps you to switch between tabs easily. The tab on which the Ctrl button is released becomes your selected tab.

Themes help you to control how your browser looks like. For this the buttons are available on the upper right side. It helps you to set a theme, wallpaper and a 3D perspective to your tab.

Grouping and filtering help you to filter the thumbnails that you view and group them as well.

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