Monday, 7 April 2014

Microsoft Brings Its Windows Tiles on The Car Dashboard

Windows Tiles on The Car Dashboard
The Microsoft wants to more present in the infotainment system on the dashboard, one of the team members of the company said in the Build 2014 Developer Conference. Tiles of Windows phones could soon show on the big screen of the car if Microsoft manages to enforce their “Windows in the Car" concept. The Smartphone content will be mirrored and adapted so that the driver can control music, navigation and many vehicle functions.

Apple had presented with Carplay already in March 2014 with such a system. Microsoft does not want that car concept since Microsoft is already there since 2006 Fiat, Ford and Nissan have been using the new Windows Embedded Automotive and other manufacturers such as BMW use the former as Windows Automotive or Windows Auto -known system of the CE product family. Apple had already demonstrated with Carplay at the Geneva Motor Show, as the integration of Smartphones is possible in the car dashboard, without losing the look and feel of iOS.

They the Microsoft, now wants to emulate and represent information of Smartphones with Windows Phone on the car display. For this, the optics must be adjusted so that the driver is not distracted. Want to play besides the typical entertainment features like music and phone calls accepted, read text messages and the navigation function can be used. Also, all apps can be displayed on the screen, albeit in an adapted form. App developers should be given the opportunity to change depending on the condition of the vehicle complexity.

Driving the car, for example, the interface can be simplified. The user can access the home screen to set the tiles of his apps that he often needs to find them again fast. Also, notifications can be faded in the display to alert the driver, for example, in front of schools on his way or to show the maximum allowed speed. According to media reports, Microsoft Mirror link uses for communication between the Smartphone and the car. The industry standard Mirror Link was developed by the Car Connectivity Consortium, will allow users to connect mobile devices to the vehicle electronics it.

Scrolling and swiping on the big screen are thus transferred to the Smartphone. The control of music playback on the big screen may be on the steering wheel. Toyota already demonstrated in the end of 2011 how this works in the car.

Apple does not support Mirror Link, but numerous car manufacturers such as VW, Citroen, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai and provider of car radios like Alpine, Panasonic and Sony. On Smartphones support is still quite manageable. This Mirror Link can be offered to Nokia's Symbian Belle devices and the Sony Xperia Z too.

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