Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Yahoo is working on its own video streaming service

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer starts again an attack on rival Google. Now let forth it’s own video streaming service. CEO Marissa Mayer has apparently already with some YouTube Stars in conversation. Your goal here is to draw the most popular video - faces with alluring marketing promises and higher advertising revenues on their side.

Yahoo! the great portal, which failed to capture Dailymotion, would have opted for the internal development of a more generous service for content creators as similar to that of YouTube. We know that streaming video is one of the strategic developments of Yahoo. The portal had tried to seize the French Dailymotion in 2013 for 300 million dollars. And a rapprochement with Hulu was also considered but everything was unsuccessful.

Yahoo would therefore consider that it would be best to take things in hand since, Yahoo is developing a service that would arise as a competitor to the Emperor YouTube. To stand out, the group would provide more favorable conditions for the creators of content, the means by Yahoo service to attract the stars of the streaming service.

Moreover, according to sources, this platform is not open to all users but renowned contributors who have already acquired legitimacy on other services can only participate. Another specialty is videos are also published on the pages of the portal to provide greater visibility. The fight will be tough, however, in 2013 YouTube have captured 21 % of the income of video advertising.

 Thus the Yahoo boss may take in a sore spot in the house of Google. For some time now complain numerous popular YouTube artists declining advertising revenue they receive from clicks of the audience. The CNBC Partners even reports that Yahoo had already convinced some artists.

Yahoo cannot capture the video throne very easily therefore it see the strategic considerations before a competing offer that - unlike YouTube - focuses primarily on quality content. To ensure this, Yahoo initially offers only commercial producer the ability to upload videos.

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