Monday, 7 April 2014

How to Listen to Google Play Music Radio Station Offline

Google Play Music
Android has the most emerging features that have been increasing day to day; for example if you want to do something immediately, then you can easily do it in a click with the help of your android device. In case of music, you can hear the awesome sound from your mobile itself. Recent update of Google Play store has built in radio music player that allows you to play the radio station in your mobile itself. You can play several online stations via the Google Music player that is found defaultly in your android devices.

But, you can also hear the online radio stations that are streaming in the internet without the internet connection in your android device.In this post, has provided detailed information about how to listen to the Google Play Music Stations without an internet connection. We all know about how the online Radio stations are working, they are streamed over the internet and your device will grab the data if the respective channel is selected in the radio player.

If you were using the premium version of the Google Play store then you can easily access all the radio services that are available over the internet. In the other hand, if you were using the premium account, you can hear the best radio channels of the internet for totally free. But the main fact is that, you need a solid internet connection for hearing this radio channels. But the latest update of Google music allows you to hear the radio channels through offline sources, and also it comes with other options such as device managements and so on.

The offline listening of the custom radio stations allows you to hear your favorite radio channels without the internet connections. This option allows you to hear the music when you cannot use the internet connection in your android device, i.e., if you were turned on the flight mode in your android device, you cannot use the online radio. Then you can use this type of offline radio in your mobile. By using this option, you can download the tons of music from the online radio stations into your mobile phone and you can use them in your music player.

In order to save the radio station, you need to open the Google Music Player and tap on the music station menu. Now select the option that shows Keep on Device. This keep on device will allows you to store the upcoming audio on the radio station into your mobile phone. So that you can use them as your wish in your android device even if you cannot use the internet connection in your android device.

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