Tuesday 15 April 2014

Oracle Going To Check 30 Vulnerabilities In Java

Java Update
Four weeks after the release of Java 8; the first patches are available to check the vulnerabilities and this time there are more security threats blocked. There are around 37 gaps, it the highest danger level encountered by Oracle. Today, on April 15, 2014 will publish extensive patches for Java Oracle.

In the software, which was recently published in Issue 8, there are four more across the supported versions, 37 holes, 35 of which can be used from a distance. Oracle classifies all vulnerabilities in its software on a scale of 1 to 10, at least one of Java vulnerabilities carries the highest risk level of 10 in the scale. Oracle does not specify; How many out of the 37 errors are so serious.

The patches appear for "Java Platform and Standard Edition”, just Java SE, in the versions 5.0u61, 6u71, 7u51 and 8 similarly, there are updates for Java SE Embedded, JRockit and JavaFX. In each of the packages, one of the 37 gaps stuck, more precisely, Oracle has not been described about the errors in detail. However, the company indicated generally the update as critical. Many other Oracle products, the company updated with the upcoming patch day.

So there are 2 patches for the database server, but the resulting closed gaps cannot be exploited remotely it seems. There are about 13 gaps in the Oracle Fusion customer’s side but that is the case, there are a total of 20 patches for this software.

Also in Oracle MySQL insert 14 security bugs, two of which could be used remotely. In this case, however, the risk level is less it seems, unlike the previous Java 6.5.

Further updates are available for the Sun Systems Products Suite, Siebel CRM, Hyperion and PeopleSoft. A summary of all patches listed in Oracle to the exact nature of the error but there are no security advisories.

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