Sunday, 6 April 2014

Top 5 Android Forums For Various Android Tips and Discussions

Android Operating System has been increasing in a very immense manner in the mobile computing world. In the meanwhile, the issues regarding the Android operating system is also increasing. Almost everyone has experienced issues in their lifetime, in which they can’t find the solution for the issue. For those people, here I have listed the world best forums for android issues. You can find more interesting technical issues in the; and improve your knowledge with a single click in the Internet.

Of course, most of the android users have their own problems in their Android device. And with the help of these android forums, you can easily found the more interesting solutions for your problems with the help of these forums. Not only the problems and issues, but also these forums will brings you an awesome life to your android fantasy. For example, if you want to buy a new mobile in a certain specifications, you can create a thread in these forums and find a best answer for your query. These are the top most advantages of the Android forums and discussion threads.

Actually, one of my reader has asked my how to root the Motorola Canvas 2+, and while searching for the solution, I have found the best solutions in these forums. If you were spending few times in these forums, then you can be a regular reader of these forums which results in creation of nice reputation for your name. You can get loads of information about the android devices and system information in these forums.

By spending countless hours in the various forums, I have found these forums as the top forums for the Android operating system related issues. brings you various information about these forums and here it comes;

1. Android Community: Android Community is one of the top forums for the android operating system; this is one of the best one in the android central. And it provides awesome look for the users and also it has several information about the android mobiles. Not only for the fun, has Android Community provided you various information about rooting, free in-app purchases and so on. The Android Community has a great look and feel which brings you an interesting thought about the website. If you visit the Android Community, then you can easily find the information that is arranged in the Android Community website.Android Community provides a blog as well as a community forum, in these you can find the latest android information in the form of blog post, and also you can make your own thread in the discussion forum. About thousands of android users are constantly resolving various issues in the discussion threads of the android community.

2. Android Forum: Android Forum is a multi-level group discussion forum about the android which brings on huge list of activities about the android operating system.Android Forum has several sections, namely Top android Phones, Top android tablets and so on. Even you can find android community section in the Android Forum website; it also has a section that brought you list of information about android development. Android Forum has Android News and Talk, Android Lounge, Android Games, Android Accessories sections that provides a detailed overview about the android operating system. In the android development, you can find the section that provides information about the custom ROM development and also has a separate section about the android theme development. And also it has a separate section about the android hacks, scripts, mods and so on. Not only these, but also Android Forum provides a huge list of mobile that allows you to choose your mobile from that list and also you can download several things for your mobile by choosing your phone from the list which is given in the website.

3. XDA Developers: XDA Developers is one of the best forums for the android devices and it was the first forum which was basically developed by the android developers and this has been especially dedicated for the android developing sections.XDA Developers basically provides information about the scripts and mods for the android mobiles and also it has several sections such as Android development, Custom android ROM development that deals various lists of Custom ROMs for hundreds of android devices;XDA Developers provides separate discussion forums and threads for different mobiles such as Nexus 5, Moto G, Moto X and so on.XDA Developers allows you to enter your queries in the website, so that you can easily enter your queries that can be answered by the best developers who were found in the world. For example, if you were searching for the custom mods for your mobile, you can post your queries in the website. Then your query will be answered as soon as possible by the world most popular android developers within few minutes.

4. Android Developers The Google Group:It is the group which has been created in the Google Groups, as we have discussed earlier, the Google group has several sections such as development section, theme development section, Custom ROM section, FAQ, General Questions and Answers and so on. You can find your problems in the threads that have been found in the earlier discussion threads in the Android Developers Google Group. It has been selected as a best Google groups for the android development. You can find more interesting facts in the Android Developers Google Group and you can spend more times in the Android Developers Google Group to be regular reader in the Google group.

5. And Dev Forum: And Dev Forum is a forum that has several sections that deals with the android operating system. It provides various announcements, coding issues in the ADT, SDT and also in the emulators.And Dev Forum also provides various android tutorials with the source codes and so on. And Dev Forum has several unique discussion talk so that it has been placed in the top 5 android forum list.

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