Monday, 7 April 2014

A Software That Helps You to Communicate Better With Your Customers

Every business hopes to train its employees in good customer service, but sometimes they really go above and beyond. Here are three examples of amazing interactions between company and customer.


Netflix made headlines in late 2013 when a cheerful customer service representative opened an online chat with "This is Cpt Mike of the good ship Netflix, which member of the crew am I speaking with today?" What followed was a fun, friendly exchange as both parties engaged in Star Trek banter to diagnose the problem at hand. The whole thing went viral in a matter of days, making Netflix more popular than ever.

Trader Joe's

In 2010, a young woman called Trader Joe's during a snowstorm and asked if they would make an exception to their delivery policy in order to get some groceries to her 89-year-old grandfather. Not only did they agree, but they sent the food to the elderly man free of charge!


For this year's holiday season, WestJet put a fully-costumed Santa Claus in their airport to ask passengers what kind of Christmas gifts they'd like to receive. What the weary travelers didn't realize, however, is that WestJet employers made a list of all their wishes and had the items bought, wrapped and delivered to their landing destination while they were still in the air. Now that's a Christmas miracle!

These are just a few instances of excellent service. For more information, including tips, tricks and software that will help you better communicate with your customers, visit a site like

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