Tuesday, 15 April 2014

How to Create a Hidden files in Android

We all know that, the android technology is becoming a greater one while comparing to other operating system such as iOS, Windows and so on. Since Android is an open source operating system. People use to love it due to the millions of applications and tons of enchanting features in the Android Operating system. In this post, Mono-live.com has brought you best information that gives a detailed report on how to create a hidden file in your android operating system. But providing privacy is one of the main issues that are mainly found over the android operating system. By using third party applications only, we can hide the certain files in the android operating system. In this post, I have provided a manual way to hide the files that are found in the android operating system.

In order to hide files in the android operating system, you need to create a file folder caller HIDDEN. From your file explorer, create a folder called HIDDEN. If you don’t have a file explorer in your android device, download it from the Google Play Store. I would suggest you to download ES File Explorer from the Google Play store. Using the downloaded file explorer, create a folder.

Now copy the files which you want to hide from others and move it to the folder which has been created by you. Now open the folder using the file explorer, then click on rename button. Now place a DOT (.) in front of the folder name. That’s all, no application like video player or image explorer cannot open the files which are inside the HIDDEN folder. Suppose, if you want to access the files which are present in the folder, then remove the DOT (.) which is provided in front of the folder name in the file explorer.

There is one more method to hide the files from the gallery in your android operating system. Open the Notepad on your computer and then it’s time to create an empty file from your computer. Now rename the empty file as .nomedia. While saving the file, do not forget to select the files which are to be saved in the notepad file. Then using USB connection, copy all the files which are to be hide into the HIDDEN folder and also copy the .nomedia file in the HIDDEN folder.

If you were feeling too bad while doing these actions from your computer, then you can use apps that are available in the Google Play Store.

You can use this following application for hiding files in your android operating system.
1. Hide it Pro: Premium version that allows you to hide the files in the android device.
2. Hide Pictures in Vaulty: This application allows you to store the files in the vault and you can protect it by providing password in the application.

If you were using this technique, you can hide your files in the android operating system. Stay tuned for more information on mono-live.com

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