Tuesday, 8 April 2014

4 Ways to Increase Your Download Speed

Download Speed
In this internet freak world we all are glued to screens all day long. We study, we interact, we work, we learn and we entertain ourselves through internet. Internet these days has become a fundamental unit of survival for most of us. As we all know, internet is used for various purposes, we indulge in downloading software, applications, songs, movies, PDF files and list is never ending and this is the rosy picture about internet and downloading.

Many of has faced speed problems when we download or install new things for ourselves. The downloading speed hampers the download capacity and sometimes urgent things suffer. We cannot just live with this problem; we must find ways to resolve it. Well I have got some steps for you to overcome these glitches when you download. Some simple necessary techniques and steps you must follow to avoid the disturbances. In this post, Mono-live.com has detailed about how to increase the download speed of the internet connection while downloading a files in the internet.

Following are the steps to overcome speed problems while downloading-
  1. Checking your DNS server and boost up the speed
This is the foremost thing you must do; check the internet speed through some speed test website. These websites help you to check your internet speed free of cost and also enable you to keep a record of upload and download speed. This is necessary to check whether your service provider is providing efficient services or not. Do check all the DNS settings to ensure that correct information or choices have been looked upon. This is will ensure you of the base details you must know for accessing efficient speed over internet.

   2. Don't ignore updates and be regular
When your PC informs you about updating or upgrading software, don't ignore it. Updated programs help to overcome the faults of the previous version. Be regular to update as more the update notifications lined lesser is the speed. We must also keep a track of viruses and anti-viruses to avoid problems while accessing the internet.

  1. Unused apps must be turned off
This is one of the most important solutions to overcome speed problems. While we download from one application other unused applications must be turned off to avoid low speed and virus. There is no point of having multiple windows when you are not accessing them, it just hampers your download speed.
  1. No uploading while downloading
I hope we all can differentiate between these two words. Whenever we have set one or more file for the download process we must avoid uploading data to avoid speed glitches. Both actions can be performed simultaneously but must be avoided as both the tasks receive less speed and takes more time. We can save time and power while performing these separately.

These are certain tips that must be followed to avoid low speed while downloading. Some other things that can be kept in mind are to get rid of external interference like phones, tabs, ipad around, I am sure most of us have these around PC while we work on it, these devices hamper speed because of electromagnetic connections. We also must keep the cables of connection short and intact, this must be ensured before we switch on our PC. Stay tuned for more technology based information with Mono-live

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