Thursday, 24 April 2014

How to Send Email with Password Protection

Email with Password Protection
Security and privacy in internet is becoming harder due to some of the cyber laws of the government. Though some of the companies are saying that they are providing complete privacy to its users are also happened to bend for the cyber laws.Even some of the email providers are tracking the emails of its users to attach some ads to it. So now we are subject to make more security of our emails and some tools are available online for helping to send encrypted email.Before discussing about those tools we need to see these basic terms which are often used here.

Public key:

This one is used for encrypting the data or message. You can able share this public key with anyone.

Private Key:

This key is used for decrypting the encrypted message. This key must be kept secret. Hence this key is just like your password for accessing the message.

Mailvelope Tool:
Ø Mailvelope is the best encryptingemail service tool, which can be used anywhere and secure your emails from others.

Ø Mailvelope will works on all three major email providers which are Gmail,Yahoo mail and OutLook.

Ø Hence Mailvelope is an open source tool so anybody can contribute to it. Mailvelope used Open PGP encryption to secure your emails.

The user interface of mailvelope is very simple and a great one. Sending an encrypted mail using mailvelope is very easy so that anyone can use it properly. And the good feature of mailvelope is the text or message encrypted in your received mail will not be copied. The user interface of mailvelope will directly integrate in to the web browsers

Download Mailvelope:

Mailvelope is available as chrome extension and you can get it from the internet. And for Firefox still it is in testing stage. It is also available on gitHub download as an addon. You can try it


It is web based email service to encrypting the data. SendInc using 256bit encrypting code to secure your emails. This encryption is normally used by the E-Commerce and banking websites. In the web based email encrypting service your message will initially encrypted with the 256bit encryption and it will sent to the SendInc data centre and the fact, SendInc even can’t access your message on the servers once it is encrypted. SendInc will generate the encryption key and it is send to the recipients as a link in the emailing list. When that specific link is clicked it will be redirected to the other page. Where they are allowed to enter the password and decrypt the email to read the message.

SendInc allows you to encrypt the files which are attached to your email. In the basic you will be able to get the encryption up to 10 MB for the attachments. In case if you need to encrypt huge size of data you will be asked to get a paid plan from SendInc

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